Sunday, September 12, 2010


I may be a day late in posting this, but at least I have commemorated the 9/11 terrorist attack. Nine years have passed after that intentional heinous attack that killed hundreds of people (or perhaps thousands). I could not fathom that diabolical act, how evil the people who initiated that attack, especially its brains. I know vengeance is never a good thing, but I wish their souls burn in hell, if ever they still got one.

But I am not in position to ramble about their cruelty, for I do not know who to put the blame on. Was that really a terrorist attack, or was that an inside job? Was that part of the Illuminati's plan to sacrifice souls to the devil? These queries, I cannot answer. So then I have to divert my mind to praying for the souls of the victims (which should really be the content of this post) and their families to have restive souls, no vengeful feelings inside.

Lord God, I pray that this kind of crime will never happen ever again. No more bombings, no more hostage attacks, no more hijacks, no more piracy attacks, no more accidents, no more natural disasters, no more crimes, no more evil. I pray for this overkill term, world peace. This term may be the most boring and overused term, but we all do pray for world peace, right? So let there be peace on Earth.

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