Monday, September 27, 2010

Niña's 19th Birthday

We pretended we forgot her birthday, we told her silly lies that we didn't prepare anything for her, no tears-inducing surprises, no gifts, but she was happy. We waited till the the afternoon, before our last subject of the days starts, and blasted her off her feet with our surprise, and she was crying with joy. She never did expect that we'll do the "expected surprise" that we always do with our fellow Tombs. I could just see the elation in her sparkling eyes, and that makes us happy, too.

We had dinner at her place, and guess what, we had FUN! Her mom just cooks the tastiest carbonara in town! Not even Pizza Hut can beat her home-made carbonara. I never liked carbonara, like ever, but when I tasted her mom's cook, it was mouth-watering, and made me want to crave for more. No wonder why Ninz roots for carbonara all of the time.

The night flew fast, but the excitement and fun we had will not be forgotten. Thank you so much Ninz, Happy Birthday, and WE LOVE YOU! ♥

Tamara Niña Pleños, with our gifts for her, except the phone

wacky, but still pretty

smile with the birthday celebrator

the tummy-bursting dinner

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