Monday, September 27, 2010

The Call

That one call from my uncle and his live-in partner triggered my suppressed tears. I told myself to not cry again, but the conversation we had was hard to bare. They care. They advised me on what to do and on what not. Because of that call, I was almost thirty minutes late for our POSC 115 class last Thursday (I'm now the reigning Queen of  Tardiness). Because of that call, I evil-stared to my friends, I did not bother to give a brilliant, or at least fake, smile, I acted snobbishly to them, which moody act touched the ego to some of them. I cannot tell them what the real reason was. I went to the school wearing eyeglasses to hide my red and swollen eyes. I laughed and chatted with them, I have hidden my agony. I have, again, held back the tears. Heck, I won't cry in school, seemingly reasonless. I just have to suppress these emotions that run high in this web of problems. I shall not let this get in my way; I shall not let it distract me, as if it has not, but I won't let this distraction and destruction get heavier. I'm a fighter, and I shall act strong, though my fortress has been weakened, I shall keep on fighting. Go, Fight, Win!

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