Monday, February 28, 2011

Biankee Tehankee

Happy 19th Birthday to Bianca Ysabelle Sumalinog!!! 

She is the Fart Girl in the Big Bang Acafeelers, but don't be hurt Biankee, you know we love you. Thank you soooooo much for the deli treats in Mang Inasal, and for the yummy dinner at your place. You really made me happy that day, because if it wasn't for your birthday, we wouldn't be united, again. We were complete that day, and we had lots of laughter, which caused us those unwanted gulps and food-bursts straight out from the mouth. I so love you, and I so love us, Big Bang Acafeelers. I miss those good old days. Enough cheesiness, let's get down to business - the documentation of fun.

REBLOG: Ms. Eggplant x Stila Blog Giveaway

This post is a reblog from Fashioneggplant.

These past few months have been more than awesome, thanks to you guys! Valentine's is right around the corner and it has me feeling all lovey-dovey and thankful. So to show you my gratitude, I'd like to present you with my first ever blog giveaway!!!
One very lucky Fashion Eggplant reader will get to receive these in the mail:

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You will not only get one, not two, but three super cool products from Stila!!!
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Four Eye Shadows:
- Sake (beige with shimmer)
- Kawai (pink)
- Shibuya (blue)
- "peace sign" (black shimmer)

Convertible Color:
- Sakura (cherry blossom pink)
Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Petal
This long-lasting lip color formula glides on lips and stays put, delivering hours of intense moisture and rich, stunning, bold color with a matte, creamy finish.
The weightless liquid moves with your lips to prevent color from transferring, feathering or bleeding and create captivatingly kissable lips.
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and lastly, but definitely not the least, 1 Stila Smudge Pot in Black Cat

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Best Part? This giveaway is open to ALL READERS!!!

All you have to do to enter is:
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Good Luck!!!

STILA is available in all Rustan's Branches nationwide...
or visit for more info!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The love that is Big Bang

She has nothing to do

Ok, she's my sissy Ira. This is actually a reblog from her Tumblelog, OUR TIME IS NOW.

Photographed by the Sinister Me.

Purp and Yellow

 Snoop Dogg and Game "Purp and Yellow LA Leakers SKEETOX Remix" Music Video Official Lakers Wiz

This MV is so cool, it got Matt Barnes, Shannon Brown, and Ron Artest. Gaaaaah!

The Lakers nation -- we're cool like that! BAM!

The Black Mamba Mini Movie

Kobe Bryant is THE BLACK MAMBA [Mini Movie]
AMAZING MINI MOVIE! Bahaaa… and star-studded: Bruce Willis, Kanye West, Danny Trejo, and KOBE BRYANT, the 2011 All-Star MVP!


Heroes come and go, but Legends are forever. 
 -Robert Rodriguez and Kobe Bryant

I think about it every night and day, I'm addicted to your LOVE

Black Eyed Peas' JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH has nothing to do with this post, I'm just LSS-ing. But somehow, it also relates to me making up too many excuses. I decided to stop blogging, but now, hey, look at me, I'm blogging again. Necessity doesn't require me to blog, but it's me not being able to take the pain of leaving my blog. HAA!

Honestly, it comes clear to me, now. I was too sentimental and emotional when I posted that, and I was just making excuses, because I was too tired and lazy to blog. All the problems have drained my energy. I was too deliberate in my every move, and every words spoken are carefully filtered before they leave my mouth. It's obvious that I was making up excuses, because there's Facebook that can reveal our whereabouts. According to Meg, Facebook is stalker's paradise.

Making a tumblelog has somehow pushed me to blog, again. Days after I decided to finally end my blogging phenomena, I thought about blogging, because I'm attached to it. However, I tried hard not to. This is a clandestine blog, that is why I can just babble everything here, and I'm afraid I might spill and squeeze every ounce of juice I got. That is scary. I'm avoiding that. So now, I shall declare that I will blog, again, but all the words written will also be deliberately sifted before they are typed and published. I can still blab, though. I refer to the details -- NO DETAILS. Baahaa

Tumble Me Tumblelog

I now have my very own Tumblr, Dime Sinister. I have never really liked Tumblr, but I just told myself to try it. Maybe I'll learn to like it, eventually. About the title, Dime is my very cute baby cousin. His father jokingly said he was gonna name his baby Dime Sinister, but the baby's real name is Dime Alexi. But I loved Dime Sinister, baahaa, Sinister Me. My address is thehungrytummy! Way to go! I wasn't successful in making it my blog*spot address, but Tumblr granted my prayers. You are ass-kissing me, Tumblr, eh?

Since my blog's painted with white, for a change, I used a black theme in my Tumblog, fitting for the Sinister Me.

Here's a screen cap of my Tumblelog.

Monday, February 07, 2011

The End

I made up my mind, I shall stop blogging. I will have a totally private life. The chances are very little of them tracking my blog and finding out our whereabouts, but we have to be very careful. This is for our own safety. However, I will not delete this blog, because maybe, just maybe, I will update it whenever the necessity requires or if I can't really take the pain of leaving my blog, but NO DETAILS.

January 31, 2011 - my 19th birthday. No Details.

Before I say goodbye, I want to brag, yes, brag, my sister and I's entry in Laureen Uy's BMS Giveaway: GG Shirts. I didn't win, unfortunately, but fortunately, Laureen posted MY name and my SISTER's creation in her blog. How freaking cool is that? She said it's too cute not to be posted.
Check out the post.