Sunday, February 27, 2011

I think about it every night and day, I'm addicted to your LOVE

Black Eyed Peas' JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH has nothing to do with this post, I'm just LSS-ing. But somehow, it also relates to me making up too many excuses. I decided to stop blogging, but now, hey, look at me, I'm blogging again. Necessity doesn't require me to blog, but it's me not being able to take the pain of leaving my blog. HAA!

Honestly, it comes clear to me, now. I was too sentimental and emotional when I posted that, and I was just making excuses, because I was too tired and lazy to blog. All the problems have drained my energy. I was too deliberate in my every move, and every words spoken are carefully filtered before they leave my mouth. It's obvious that I was making up excuses, because there's Facebook that can reveal our whereabouts. According to Meg, Facebook is stalker's paradise.

Making a tumblelog has somehow pushed me to blog, again. Days after I decided to finally end my blogging phenomena, I thought about blogging, because I'm attached to it. However, I tried hard not to. This is a clandestine blog, that is why I can just babble everything here, and I'm afraid I might spill and squeeze every ounce of juice I got. That is scary. I'm avoiding that. So now, I shall declare that I will blog, again, but all the words written will also be deliberately sifted before they are typed and published. I can still blab, though. I refer to the details -- NO DETAILS. Baahaa

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