Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Remember, remember, the month of November

Oh my! How long have I been aloof from my blog? It's been a month since I last posted. Another broken promise, please excuse me while I go kick myself in the head for forgetting. If Chrisia hadn't told me and reminded me that my last post was about Lakers, I wouldn't remember, and this blog will continue sinking into the realm of the forgotten. She also did a good job in improving her own blog, which she didn't bother mentioning to me. And this blog, to mention it for like a hundredth time, will always be under construction.

What have I missed narrating?

--Second semester is like a living hell, which in my superego, I find helpful. It gives me hell because of the stress it brings and a super busy, hectic, pressure-filled polsci life. On the contrary, it enhances my brain and gives me more knowledge of what I am really studying for. I mean, for heaven's sake, I am a political science major, and this is the only time where I am able to feel that I am; the polsci madness sunk in.

--I love the Big Bang Acafeelers come back! Yes, Biankee Tehankee is MIA, missing in action, but Chrisia the Bruha is back! Most definitely incredible! Hey move! B to the I to the G BANG BANG! Shoutout: WE MISS YOU BIANCA!

--My father is FINE. He is okay, now. I am grateful to the Lord God above, to my mom, who never left the side of my father, to our relatives who helped in praying,a and taking care of dad. I am just happy, in the most inner sense. I love you mama and papa.

--I got my dream shoes! I first rooted for Mark Ecko RED, but I see it too girly with the studs. When I knew Big Bang, my dream shoes became the Reebok, Nike, high-top dunk shoes, Big Bang type, but I cannot find it anywhere here, and I cannot afford DC, Ecko is so girly, so I went for Zoo York. I love the shoes so much, and I am really thankful to my parents for buying the shoes for me.
I love it because:
1. it is a high-top dunk/skate shoes kind of similar to Big Bang
2. it is an original Zoo York Shoes
3. the color of its sole is PURPLE
4. the color combination of the shoes are black, red, white, and gray, my ever favorite color combination, second to LAKERS' purple and gold
5. it has an apple-heart design, kind of similar to G-Dragon's apple-heart design
6. it has NO PINK!

--I have an official new crush. My jeepney guy crush who looks like an angel. He's my angel.

--Leslie's birthday party was incredibly amazing. It wasn't that extravagant, but all the cutest assholes in the world were present, namely, Leslie, the birthday celebrator, Me, Meg, Catherine, and Achellie, with special participation of Tud-Tud. I so love us. The only abnormal people who can understand each other. The people who do not get offended, but becomes touched, when commented as crazy.
Info: Leslie's Birthday, November 13, 1991. Birthday Party, November 14, 2009, Villa del Rio.

--November 29 is my Papa Topher's birthday. God has heeded our call. Another life he offered to my father. He's now 45 years old, I still pray for his good health and long life.

I guess that's all I could remember that are significant to my life, and I wish to be recorded to stay forever.

[from V for Vendetta movie: "remember, remember the fifth of november". i love this line]

Saturday, November 07, 2009

letters to you, my Lakers love

I've obsessed myself to Big Bang, I seem to forget that I have Lakers. I mention Lakers in my tweets, but I haven't made a new post about them. I promised that when the 2009-2010 season starts, I will focus my attention on Lakers, but Big Bang is such an attention-grabber.

I am greatly sorry, Lakers, for having been too crazy and addicted over Big Bang, but I will divide my time. I've been praying, too, that you will win all of your games, and you do not know how much you make me elated when you win. You make me so tense and nervous every time you have a game. I badly want you to win, Lakers. You have disappointed me when you lost against Mavericks, but I know you will do better, because you are the best, and you have the best player on the planet, KOBE BRYANT.

My dream of watching a Lakers game, with Kobe playing, in Staples Center will never diminish.

Lakers, please help Sasha Vujacic, make him worthy of his name, the Machine. He has ceased his astonishing ability as a basketball player. He was such a good player. Make him very good, again.

Sasha, I love your new haircut. You are HOT! I want to always see you on the court, I want you to be focused by the camera, and I want you to play hard. I want to see your beautiful face, and smile often baby, but of course, when Kobe's on the court, I want him. I love Kobe more than any player. Do not get me wrong, all infatuations aside, I have no sexual interest breeding inside my brain for him. What I have for Kobe is pure love. I am NOT in love with him, but I love him. Be warned, though, Sasha, for I may have these sexually-inclined parasites breeding in my brain which are attracted to your hot and sexy hair.

Ron Artest, I admire your guts for having a Lakers logo on your head/hair. I have always desired to have a Lakers logo tattoo, but I do not have the nerve to face the consequences when I'll have one. You are a great player, and you have reached an old phase. Do your best, show Lakers and all the lakers lovers that you can replace what Trevor Ariza has engraved. Honestly, I want Ariza over you. I love Trevor Ariza, and it hurts me so much to think that he's not playing with Lakers anymore. I bleed every time I listen to Lil Wayne's KOBE BRYANT song, and his name is mentioned there, also in the Lakers song. I know, you are better than Ariza in all aspects, I guess, he's just young, but he has shown his full ability in Lakers, and without him, Lakers would have not been the champions. Ron Ron, prove to us that you can help Lakers in making it to the champions, again. And yes, I will blame you if they won't be the 2010 NBA world champion.

Andrew Bynum, you are the bomb! You are exploding! Keep up your ever so good work. You have returned to your originally amazing plays. You are simply amazing. You do not make waves in the court, but you are winning. You are just tremendous. Points by points, you just keep showing us that you are great. I love you.

Pau Gasol, where are you now, my baby spanish love? You better get back, because you are Kobe's partner. Lakers need you, we need you. We miss you, already, so heal now, and come back. Play hard, make your team win. I love you so much, and you are a magnificent player. Your Spanish language is like an undecipherable code to your opponents, and it helps Lakers to perform their maneuver, without your opponents idea.

Lamar Odom, I know you are a very good player, so keep playing good. I hope Khloe Kardashians' an absolute inspiration for you to play harder and do best with the Lakers. I wish that you will have a happy married life. I love you, but you wife loves you more.

Derek Fisher, keep dunking! Oh, sorry, keep shooting three points and you better get them all in. Mr. 0.04 seconds. You are a veteran, and a very great player. I have loved you, since the day I gained knowledge of Lakers. Do what you do best.

Jordan Farmar, you are fast and little(?). You can get in the way of your relatively taller and bigger opponents who are blocking you. You can escape them and make your own route towards the rim. I love you. Play hard.

Shannon Brown, you have a cute and cuddly eyes, and I love them. Your eyes are similar to the cat's eyes dubbed by Antonio Banderas in Shrek every time it shows off its cute and cuddly eyes. Do your best in Lakers.

Luke Walton, Didier Mbenga, Josh Powell, Adam Morrison, I have grouped you, but it doesn't mean I love you any less, it's just that I do not know so much about you. Powell and Mbenga, you are huge, and I hope your opponents get intimidated by your huge physique. I can see that you are working hard for the Lakers, thank you for that. Adam Morrison, you are handsomely hot. Play hard, you hot guy. Luke Walton, you're good, but be better.

Phil Jackson, you are the one of the greatest coach, or perhaps you are the greatest. It's really flabbergasting, because Lakers is the best team, who has the best player, and who is coached by the best coach. All in one. The best package, ever. I love you Phil, your mild attitude, you do not anger over silly fouls, you just stay calm and focused, you are a real coach.

Kobe, you are the BEST. No one can ever beat you. No words can explain how great you are. You are number 1. You are the chosen one. You are the only one. Get 7 rings, win all the MVPs as long as you're playing. Stay with the Lakers, do not retire, yet, I still have to accomplish my Lakers dream. You have thousand upon thousands of haters, it only means one thing, you are great. They just envy you, and they can't swallow up the reality that you are the greatest player. Though you have haters, you have million upon millions of fans and lovers. I love you so much.

Lakers, we love you, use us as your driving force to win.

I love you, and I am praying that someday, you all would say, I love you, too. :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

it's your day TOP


Photo: iBigBang Fansite

I know it's a BIG too late to post this, minutes later, it'll be November 5 already, but I want to save the best for last(not even the best, maybe worst). Anyway, I greeted TOP the moment November 4 came in. A BIG too early. I did it, because I know I won't be able to tweet #happybdaytop for it to become a trending topic on twitter in the exact time. Amazingly, #happybdaytop became a trending topic in twitter for two hours.

Happy Birthday Big Boy! You are already a grown up big boy, huh? I love you so much, we all do. I hope you'll know how my girls argue over you, stating that they own you. Honestly, you own our heart. We offer you our BIG love, for the BIG BOY, from BIG BANG.

I know it's TOP's day, but I just can't resist this ever so beautiful picture of Big Bang from their Let Me Hear Your Voice photoshoot.

Photo: iBigBang Fansite

Monday, November 02, 2009

wanna be on TOP?

Lotte Duty Free Big Bang November Calendar
Photo: Asian Fanatics

Photo: Imageshack

Wouldn't it be nice if you'll have calendars like these on your wall, facing you? It'd be nicer if it's hanging in your room, and every time you undress and go naked, you'll think that they're watching you. Huh.. Dirty imagination, yet scary and creepy. Oh well, it's Halloween. I wouldn't mind, though, if Big Bang's gonna scare me every day of my life, dressed in scary costumes, trick or treating me in any way they want. How about any way I want? HAHA

Mark your calendars, because November 4 is TOP's birthday. Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP was born on November 4, 1987. He'll turn 22, but in Korea, he'll be 23. Whatever his age is, he will still be the handsome looking hot guy, having the manliest voice, rapping all his way out to the world and into the girls' fantasies, even gays.

~I really envy Jel for having the same birthday as TOP.

the DOWN syndrome

It may not be too obvious, and I'm not wearing my heart on my sleeve, but I am crazily addicted to Jay Sean's Down featuring Lil Wayne. I'm a fan of Lil Wayne because he is a fan of Lakers, and he made a Kobe Bryant song.

Jay Sean's DOWN feat. Lil Wayne is considered as a medication by my sister and I. We need a daily dose of it or else we'd be acting highly under pressure and needs to be locked up in a cage-like total institution.

As always, my sister and I have the same addiction, except for Big Bang and G-Dragon. She doesn't exaggeratedly love Big Bang as much as I do, but she infatuates Tae Yang for his sexy body, like all other girls do. AND, she is NOT a VIP.

Every single day, since we started popping DOWN chill pills, we wait for its MV to be played in MTV, since it is rarely played in Channel V. Why don't the Asians favor DOWN? Jay Sean is an Indian, who grew up in UK. Huh, at least I get to see Big Bang MVs in Channel V. Going back, DOWN is a chillaxative, unless it isn't played, yet, we cannot compose ourselves, so we badly need it every day, and every day.

Yesterday, we skipped our medication, we haven't watched DOWN's MV. Apparently, we acted calm and modest, because we were distracted. I am deeply in gratitude for yesterday's distraction.

Today, we were waiting for DOWN in MTV, again. While waiting, I went to the room to wear brassiere, I just woke up. Suddenly, my sister was shouting my name, and I immediately heard DOWN's beat, she turned the speaker on to the highest volume. I was panicking and was in a hurry, I dressed up and ran down the staircase and went to the volume control.

The monster came in our front door. Rambling to turn off the volume and that he is pissed off with us for being so noisy. He was reprimanding us, but we didn't really heard him, because we were listening to DOWN. His saliva was wasted on us. The monster is our f*cking uncle. We definitely HATE him. Because he is an ill-mannered-who-always-whines-about-almost-everything, he sweats the small stuff, he blames God for every single thing, he is a crazy drunkard, he is an immoral father, an infidel husband, and all those I cannot express anymore. He is just an obnoxious, abhorrent, repugnant, despicable, loathsome, infamous person. He is a villain, an antagonist.

Wheew! I said it all. He deserves it and is worthy of my highly regarded appraisal, if you call my rants of him as one, more like a down-bringing evaluation. I don't want to bash someone and sound like a hater, but I just hate him.

Anyway, we turned the volume off a bit, but when he went away, we turned it on a bit again. I mean, hello? DOWN was playing, our daily dose of chill pills. I'd be happy if he becomes so angry at us, and his veins pop out off his head. He's the one who needs to take a daily dose of chill pills, take some chillaxative, and he'd be off to wonderland, but frankly, I want him to be off to hell. *evil laugh*

Watch *click*:
Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne - DOWN

We memorized the song, especially Lil Wayne's part.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

simple logic

Lately, my posts have been outbursts of emotions, especially sadness, but I don't want to forever dwell in these sad confines.

I said I can never be happy, but as long as my father is alive and healthy, I'd be. My father is alive, but is not entirely healthy. He still suffers from fever, it never leaves him. He says he's so tired. I never knew the whole story, until my mom finally unraveled it all. Tears were slowly forming in her eyes while sharing the story; how my father acts and says like he was going to perish, soon. Statements like, "Take care of our children", "I'm so tired", he was losing hope.

I try to find things that could make me happy. Big Bang makes me happy, G-Dragon makes me happy, Lakers winning makes me happy, Kobe makes me happy, my friends can make me happy.

There are hundreds of factors that could make me happy, even food can, but I'm home. My father is here, now, they arrived here yesterday. Seeing my father breathe deeply, when I touch him, he is so hot, he doesn't feel well, he doesn't like to eat, seeing him in a condition that no one ever asked to be in, sadness just digs deeper into my heart.

How could I ever be happy? If I go out and have some fun, my mind still searches its way to the part of my brain where my father lies. Then I come to think, how dare I to party here, yet my father is suffering. I should be damned for having fun, yet my mother is suffering, of all the people, she is the one who directly feels what my father feels. She doesn't suffer form the diseases, but she witnessed what my father is going through, she knows, she's the half of my father's heart.

I'm so boring right now. I just am. I'm just plain boring. Sadness is boring, being sad is boring. I want to be happy, again. I miss being feisty.

There's only one way for all of us to become happy, again. My father should be healthy. If my father is healthy, we will all be happy. As simple as that. It's logic. God, be with us.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my daddy :'(

Part 3. "SAD"

I received a text message from mama, she was asking how was our enrollment, but of course I didn't tell her about the freaking 5.0 grade, she would freak out, and I don't want to sadden my father about it, either.

My sister Ira also received a text message from mama, stating that they won't be able to depart for Cebu, because my papa got fever and is feeling really cold. If my father will be fine and can carry himself, they would depart for Cebu tomorrow.

My mother said that my father has been suffering from fever and extreme chills(feeling really cold, not sure if hypothermia) for five days already. She asked us, again, to pray always, and that my papa is pitiful, in a sense that we express pity with sadness and compassion.

I cried, again, but I wasn't hysterical, it was just a soft cry, little tears falling, following the contour of my face.

Prayers work, right? "Prayers work", this used to be the title of my multiply site, because I believe they do. I pray, God, I pray, and please grant our prayers. I love my father.

HUh..why are problems coming my way? :'(

Now, every time my smart phone beeps, I'm afraid I'm going to receive another text message from mom that is tears-inducing. I hope not.

back to original

Part 2. "HAPPY"

I never get tired if this phrase, "back to original"(the title of this post). It's because when Chrisia and Bianca were gone from our group--the big bang acafeelers, viva fret teamed up with us, and repa Ninz. We became the 8DL's, it originally meant delicious, but we jokingly want it be named drug lords. Jel had an evil plan, if Chrisia will be back, it will be back to original. It means, the 8DL will be gone, we'll be big bang acafeelers, again(bianca missing), they'd be viva fret, again, and Ninz will be alone. HAHA. It's really funny.

Chrisia will be enrolling, again, this semester. She went to school yesterday and we had fun. We ate lunch at a food store near the road. We really want to eat pork teriyaki, but it's was unavailable at that time, so we ate mushcream. Mushcream is a sauce(pronounced mistakenly by the order-taker) made up of mushroom and cream, but it's a meal, so the whole package was a bowl of rice, with beef and mushcream. I actually went for mushcream because Chrisia and Christine call me MUSH, but we all ordered mushcream, it sounds scrumptious.

It was honestly the first time we ate in that food store, it was open, and by open, I mean, no walls, no doors, no room, there was just a big umbrella up on the floor, tables and chairs. If you say dirty, perhaps it was, because the dust could just easily hit our food. While I was eating, I kept on covering my bowl. The food store isn't unsanitary, it was just basically a little food stand. You just order there, and you go to the umbrella-protected tables and chairs.

We weren't satisfied with the food, we wanted more mushcream. The food didn't really matter to us, what mattered was our laughter and our chats. Jel arrived late. She let us wait for her, and it was worth the wait. We talked and laughed, and talked and laughed.

I was just happy, back with the old days. I reminisce the past, we, hanging out together, except that Bianca wasn't there, and Star was there. It's not like I don't like Star to be there, I like her to be there, and I also like Grace to be there, too. It would be much more fun. Imagine Grace and Chrisia in one table. Huh, I could just picture out what this semester would be. HAHA. These two just produce the laughter and smiles out of us.

These people could make me happy, a little break from all the problems that are coming my way. I know this is a bit mushy, but thank you guys, really.

a freaking 5.0 grade?

Part I. "SAD"

This semester(or last semester), our major is POSC 110 by Sir Poca. We all got a near-failing grade in the midterm, so we tried our best in our final exam.

I got 35/50 in the final exam, and Sir Poca said that the final exam will cover half of the final grade. 35 is good, and he said those who got 10 below is sure to fail, those who got 10-20 has some chance not to fail, and of course, those who got 20 up won't fail. I got 35, so I was complacent that I won't fail.

Some of my classmates already knew their grades, Jel who got 11 in the final exam got 3.0, which is the passing grade, Grace who got 13 also got 3.0, and others who got a lower score than me passed. Who wouldn't be chill and relaxed?

When I saw my grade, a freaking 5.0 grade, I was terribly shocked! How the hell did I get that grade? Mel, who also got 35 in the final exam, got 2.1, and why didn't I? I should also get a grade like that, a 2.0 or a 2.2, or something just close, but a freaking 5.0 grade?

My classmates were also all shocked and doubtful. They all knew I got a wrong grade.

I couldn't explain what i felt, I was just SAD. Who wouldn't be sad if you get a 5.0 when you know you don't deserve it? I was determined to confront Sir Poca and ask him about my grade. Even Ms. Bren was concerned with my grade. She checked the records of Sir Poca, and asked me if I miss any requirements, because there's a box there where I got a 5.0, but she doesn't know what it is for. She told me that my final grade is 4.4(or something) so Sir Poca just reported 5.0, it's a standard. She told me to talk to Sir Poca, everyone told me to talk to Sir Poca.

Good thing Sir Poca arrived early. Some speculated he's gonna arrive at 1pm, because he was doing his show, and it was still 9am(or was that 10?). I approached him, told him that I passed all the requirements, that I was always present, that I got 35 out of 50 in the final exam, that I got 2.5 in the midterm grade, and all. He searched something in his drawer, then he said it was a wrong input. He told me to constantly remind him about it. I got hope. I know where I stand, so I'm gonna fight for it. This grade should be corrected as soon as possible, because I'm aiming to be a DL, again. I hope this will turn out right. I pray.

I think I was able to burst it out, now. Huh!!! Why are problems coming my way?! Arghh!

Our Enrollment

It's been a week, days pass so fast like a balloon pricked, and blast.

Huh.. and problems keep coming my way. WTH? Why, the heaven?

To keep up with my blog, I'll write regarding yesterday's happening in three separate posts. It's gonna be long if I compile them in one post, so better divide them. This post is to synthesize my "October 23, 2009" day. It was a looong day, and this day brought me two distinct and strong emotions, which are overused by many, but mostly me.

SADNESS and HAPPINESS. [Oh I can hear Big Bang's TOP's voice saying this in MY HEAVEN]

Yesterday was a transition of sadness and happiness. I was happy, then sad, then happy, then sad.

First, I was happy, because I saw my classmates, again, we talked and laughed.

Second, then I became sad, because I got a grade of 5.0 in my major. I'm sure as hell that I don't deserve that grade.

Third, I was happy, again, because Chrisia was there.

Fourth, I became sad, again, because we received another text message from our mama about the condition of my dad.

The three following posts will be narrating about the second, third, and fourth points. Since the first point, where i was happy, is just normal and nothing new, so I won't talk about it. I always get to see those faces, so sorry classmates, no special post for you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I once told Jel that I'm not a happy person anymore. I realized that I'm not. I once was very happy. I had no problems, no life dramas, no crying moments, uhm, no serious crying moments, rather. I had the loudest laugh of all. I was always smiling. Roy even told me last year, that I'm such a jolly person, because I always smile and laugh. Now, I may still always laugh and smile, and I may still have the loudest laugh of all, that it annoys other people and make them think I have ADHD, and the stench of my breath may be appalling, too, for all I know, but in the core, I'm not really happy. Laughing and smiling are just superficial, but what I feel beyond the surface isn't really happiness, I sure know I'm unhappy, and I'm not as happy as what I used to.

Where did my happiness go? I had some suspects of what causes my unhappiness. Here are the list of my suspects:

~Kobe Bryant, my dream of seeing him play with the Lakers in the Staples Center seems so impossible. Details of this dream, and why it's impossible is stated in my blog,CONFESSIONS OF A LOS ANGELES LAKERS LOVER, bottom part, DREAM 2.

~G-Dragon, I love him so much, I wanna marry him and have kids with him, he may be a reason for my happiness (which I misconstrued, as I claimed in my previous post), but to think that I could never have him breaks my heart, he's a HEARTBREAKER.

~Big Bang, they are my idol group, I'm obsessed with them, they make me laugh and scream, and dare I say, happy, but they also make me sad because I could never be close with them.

~JESUS, of course He's not making me unhappy, but I used to treat him as my best friend, we were so close, we were real friends, talking with Him, He's like a journal, He knows everything about me, and I don't have to explain myself to Him, but now, I'm so far away from Him.

~FRIENDS, meg, leslie, catherine, achellie, my friends in high school(IV-O), and my friends in summer(MRD & totoot gals), I miss them so much, our time spent, our memories together, and I could only spend less time with them, than before. Also with the VIP's bianca and crixa.

~FAMILY, there's nothing wrong with our family, it's just that we live here in Cebu, but my dad and most of my relatives live in Mindanao, our real home, I miss them so much. You know, nostalgia.

~FATHER, I have nothing against my father, and I love him so much. I have declared in my previous post about my father, A PRAYER and I don't want to fill this post reiterating my statements, but I'm sad, really sad and unhappy of his situation and of what he's going through.

That's the list, I still don't know what really is the reason for my unhappiness, but I sure know it's one of those, or possibly, all of them. I just hope I'll be happy more than ever.

A Prayer

I sought boredom-breaking habits for this sembreak, so I started blogging, again. After the two blogs I posted, I cannot seem to find another topic. Few days I've been searching what to post that is of my interest. Still, I haven't found one. My brain's slowly depleting.

Suddenly, one night(or dawn, that was 2am), after watching WHAT LIES BENEATH in Star Movies, my sister received a text message from my mother. The text message wasn't really sent at 2am, it was sent earlier, but we didn't notice it, since we were watching the movie. [Date: Oct. 16, 2009, Grandfather John's death anniversary]

The text message stated [translated version]:
"Ira, you should always pray that your father be healed from his illnesses/diseases. He is very pitiful here, he cries thinking of what will ever happen to us when he's gone".

The text message brought us agony, and we went crying and weeping for more than an hour. As I am writing this, tears keep streaming down my cheeks.

It breaks my heart to think that my father cries for us. To think that he'll be gone is even worse. We prayed and prayed. I went to our altar and prayed for more than thirty minutes. I just kept crying and praying. I can only pray.

Yes, my father was right, what will ever happen to us if he's gone. What will ever happen to me? I would sure die inside, too. I don't know, I stated I'd commit suicide, but I don't know. I really don't know. My father is very important to me. I love my father so much. I love my Papa Topher so much. I would offer my life for him. I told God, that he should take my life instead, in exchange for my father's. Nobody depends on my life. But the life of my father, our family depends on him, not only us, but the residents of the barangay he is chairman of, my relatives, and others.

The health of my father has been our problem. He has been taking medications, but he still suffers. One time, he lost hope and said he would quit taking the medicines, since nothing is happening, it's just taking his money. The medicines are very expensive, yet they seem not doing its functions to my father's health. My father is still so young, he's only 44, but he is very sickly. Please God, heal my father. Calling all saints, heal my father. Don't take my father away from us.

I have claimed that my happiness is G-Dragon and Kobe Bryant. I knew that it wasn't eternal, I knew that it's a misconception of happiness, but I was stubborn. I have misconstrued happiness. Now, I finally realized what my happiness really is. My happiness is my father, my family, the most significant persons in my life. I would wither if something painfully, awfully bad would happen to them.

Please God, I'm begging you, I would give and do everything for my father. Just let him stay with us longer, much much longer, in a healthy condition. Heal him. Heal my father. Lord, I offer my life to you, you the Almighty Father. Now, I offer my life for my father. Be with him God, be with my father. I can only pray.

I love you so much my Papa Topher. I love you. You are my life. Just stay. Stay right here with us. I will never be happy, but you, my papa, as long as you're here, alive and healthy, I would be more than happy. Please God, please, I love you with all my heart, my mind, and soul, and so do I with my father. Father, please, Amen.

Monday, October 12, 2009


stupid tonight~

Photo: Getty Images

Admit it, who doesn't love food?
I'm one of the billions of people who absolutely adore food. For that reason, I am FAT. It's is a major obvious that I am.

I'm the GIRL with the half-wet shirt. If you compare me to the other girl, who is my sister, and to the other GIRL, who is my niece, we have a strong evidence that I'm chubby. I am emphasizing the word GIRL, because the one in the middle is NOT a girl.

I love being fat. I do not even like to be thin. It's like I worked hard for these fats to build up, that I find it sad to make them go away. I do not get hurt by all the labels people tease, from the word fat, itself, to PIG, elephant, and all those huge/fat animals. Sometimes, I do get hurt when I was younger, but they're real. I may not be a pig in a literal sense, but I really am, because I'm fat. That is why I don't mind them, since they are true.

I am BORN fat. I grew up fat. Since I was a kid, people have been telling me to reduce. Up until now, I haven't taken their suggestions. They have bribed me, specially my father. Their bribery doesn't seem to work on my fat sorry ass.

Now, I'm in my another life's turning point. Should I reduce weight or should I not? I know I should reduce weight, but it's easier said than done. The reasons why I'm taking a right path on this is because of health risks. It's not because I grew tired of all the criticisms people punch right into my face or because I want all the boys to come running after me, drooling. NO! DAMN! That would be suicidal. Down right scary!

Others may say the reasons are BOYS. They thought that boys are the reasons why, because they knew that some boys say, "Mars is pretty, but she's fat", "If only Mars is not fat, I would court her". Yes, they told me that in an IN-YOUR-FACE manner! To clear this one, HELL NO, boys are so out of the way. HEALTH RISKS are the reasons why, I don't want to die early.

It's really funny how contradicting my relatives and friends are with regards to my physical state. My relatives want me to reduce weight, to reduce my health risk, and so am I. My friends, on the other hand, do not want me to reduce weight. They want me to stay as I am, they have a belief that once I get slim, I'll get all their boys. They say that I am so beautiful, and they are thankful that I'm fat, because if I weren't, all the boys' eyes would stare at me. They got a good tongue in uplifting my spirit. It's their belief, but I don't believe in it.

What am I gonna do, now? It's so hard. And even though I choose to reduce weight, I surely know that I can't, as what I stated, it's easier said than done.

I shall reduce weight, and God, help me accomplish this difficult-to-achieve task. I don't want to be so thin, just a slight change, a little healthier body enough to avoid health risks.

Who wants to eat? Midnight snacks, anyone?

boring break || badmouthing GD haters

My last post was on August 27, 2009...
and this is the post after that, today's date is October 12, 2009.
Quite long, huh?

I may be the person who stands with the saying, "promises are made to be broken". I don't really intend to break the promises I make, it just happens that I usually break (unintentionally) the promises I've made.

I've declared in twitter that I'll work on this blog this October, since I'm a student and a busy person, a sembreak is the only BREAK I got to work on something unrelated to school, and is not required. And, to further reiterate it, I've broken this promise, again. Damn me!

I'm writing these things down(because I'm bored), just to have another post. I'm planning on closing this blog, and not making another, but my efforts and time spent starting this would be worthless, so I'll just continue with this, but don't expect anything magnificent. This blog will still be and always be UNDER CONSTRUCTION, until the time will come that I won't be lazy enough (I may be the laziest person you'll ever know) and I'll stop with my perspective that doing this would be a waste of time, that I'll have more fun things to do outside in the real world than in the internet, that blah blah blah, etc. I have so much lame excuses.

Please do understand me, I'm a misunderstood jerk (actually, it's my friend who is, I used her self-made description of herself, LOL). I love writing, it's my passion, I think I'm good at it, but I know I'm not that good at it. Blogging enhances my writing skills. For me, if I won't blog, I become dull. It's my own point of view, anyway, but I think it's not real, even without blogging, school stuff, especially research, spins my head right round, right round, like a record. [GD did not plagiarize flo-rida's right round, you f*cking son of a whore!!! He didn't plagiarize oasis' she's electric and katherine mcphee's song either! you jealous, attention-grabbing, noise-making bitches! you will never have the spotlight!] My APOLOGIES! [and you should apologize to G-Dragon and to all the VIPs! You should apologize to us on your knees on the salt-and-sugar-covered floor!] *me talking to myself: Mars, STOP!*

Woah! Didn't see that coming. *chuckles*
I don't have anything to say right now, these GD issues just blocked me, and while I was typing, my sister interrupted me. I don't know how to end this post, so I'm gonna end it at this very moment, at this very word, period.

Friday, August 28, 2009

lonely [GD's] baby

I'm alone in our house. I'm sad. I'm lonely. I'm in pain, emotionally. I've been alone for two days. No human entity is here, except me. I'm not alone the whole day(24 hours). My siblings and yaya are here in the morning and in the evening, but they all leave at around 6am, and come back at around 6pm, so I'm all by myself for 12 hours. I'm bored. BORED! I surf the net, watch tv, sleep, listen to Big Bang's 2nd Full Japan Album, listen to G-Dragon's Heartbreaker, eat, etc...My mother went to our genuine HOME, to be with dad for at least 10 days. It's our school's Intramural week. Next week's my sister's, so mom grabbed the opportunity to go HOME. [I miss her, I miss dad].
School's boring, too, no big bang fret (8DL), no acafeelers [especially chrisia and bianca who we rarely hang out with], so I just stay at home. I'm supposed to have a photoshoot with my friends [meg, catherine, charmaine] yesterday, but I had severe headache, I'm anxious if I have migrain. Oh GOD, please no.
Today, I know I'll not be bored. I'll be ecstatic. It'll be fun. We're going to Meg's house, with Achellie, Catherine, and Leslie [the bestest friends ever]. We're all gay (used equivocally, the gay-pervert, the gay-happy. LOL).
The lonely GD's baby, won't be lonely no more. All I need is LOVE, GD's love.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Binay Encounter [with intrams opening inserts]

We had Good Governance Forum today, at the Cafa Theater, 1pm, and guess who the speaker was(without reading the title)? Obviously, the guest speaker was Honorable Jejomar C. Binay, the Mayor of Makati City.

Let me narrate first, why, in the first place, we were there. Supposedly, we're going to have our POSC 110 Midterm Exam on Friday, last week, but it was declared as non-working holiday for it was the day of the death of Ninoy Aquino. Sir Poca told us that even if it'll be a holiday, he'll still conduct the exam, and have us scheduled for that day. He even told us to bring whatever is necessary just for us to be allowed to enter the school. Amazingly (and thank you God), we won't have the exam. We will write an academic paper instead, which will serve as our midterm exam, about the forum of Mayor Binay. We were elated, I mean, who wouldn't be?

This morning, we were all complaining why we're going to attend this forum and everything. It was a hassle, since the opening of the intramural week was held in the morning, and our much anticipated cheer dance, which, I must comment, wasn't satisfactory. --

[To add with that, we had a bad hair day today, we went early to the gym to be able to sit properly and see properly, as well. Guess what? Some girls were blocking our sight. They were standing in front of us. We told them to sit down, some of them were obedient, but there were three f*cking girls who were stubbornly hard-headed. I really want to quarrel with them, and beat them up, but I would make a freaking scene. So I just let them pass, good thing the presentation wasn't great than that of last year. I even regret that I woke up early, and had my blood boil with the ugly, ill-mannered, poor, cheap girls (sorry God).]

--The forum was also held in TC, and we were in Main. We still had to eat lunch, then travel to TC. The jeepneys were out, and they were all full. We had to ride a taxi, and there was heavy traffic, which was really incredulous, because usually, there's no traffic in that time. And then the mini-van just one vehicle before us got broken, another traffic, and addition in the meter fare. A very bad hair day, again.

The Binay encounter. I won't narrate the whole forum, but I would like to share where JEJOMAR derived his name from. It's from JEsus, JOseph, MARy. Isn't it unbelievably awesome? I was also taking pictures of Binay, and they were dark, my phone's camera is a bad cheetah. After the forum, we were allowed to take pictures with Binay, and so I ran to the stage and grabbed the opportunity. I don't even know who took the pictures, but I'm going to find out, soon.

[Insert: FREAKISH! Sir Poca required us academic paper, right? And it's supposed to be passed after the intramural week, but he told us this afternoon that it'll be passed immediately after the forum. It was shocking. I thought our classmates were kidding, but they weren't. Sir Poca, himself, stated it. It is because the submission of grades will be on 29, and if we'll not submit today, we'll have a grade of 5.0, also because he won't be around the whole week, he said he'll be in another country, but i don't know if he's kidding or not. He's Sir Poca. It's not an academic paper anymore, it's just a reaction paper containing at least 500 words. But I jumped out of the page. I filled the whole yellow paper, back to back. I had so much reaction in mind. I'm reactive. I have noticed lately that I write too much, and too long. Perhaps the effect of blogging hiatus.]

Binay is great. I just say he's great. I don't care if what he's doing is a premature campaign, it undoubtedly is, but he's great. He's a great Mayor of Makati, and he'll be a great president(or other higher ranks than a mayor)of the Philippines, if we give him a chance to do so.

God bless America, cross that, change that to PHILIPPINES!

The Inactivity

As you may have noticed, or as nobody have ever noticed, I've been inactive in blogging. It all started on summer, April (2009), to be more specific. I have declared it on somewhere that I won't be logging in on summer, and that I won't spend my time wasting sitting in front of the computer, and spend it instead on something more fun (I consider it my obligation to inform you that my most favorite part of the year is summer). Unfortunately, I wasn't absolutely able to spend it on more fun things and I won't narrate my summer story for this would take me so long. I've missed out so much when I vowed to that statement. It made me aloof, in some sense regarding to internet, though it made me amiable in internet-unrelated stuff, like interacting with my relatives. Life without internet is sort of boring, dare I say. That's in my own point of view, but I don't refer it generally, so don't send me death threats.
Summer's over, time to get back to my normal life, but I'm not saying that my summer life's not normal. I just meant that time to get back to my mediocre kind of life. You'll get it, don't beat yourself up, you're not dumb, I'm just ambiguous. By that time, I should be blogging again, right? I should be logging in on the sites where I've registered and have accounts on. Time to socialize with my friends online, or even friends in real life, which I can only contact online, since I don't like to load my phone. Yes, I've done those, but my blogging ability has ceased. I was too tired enough to post, my brain's too dull enough to think. So I entered plurk and twitter. It's easier there, just say something in 140 characters, and I'm off. I don't even stay in FB that much, my friends hate that side of me. I have placed myself in the box of tweets and plurks. Concentrated on visiting and reading Big Bang sites, watching and listening to Big Bang songs and MVs, and downloading most of them. I've been so out, so far, so hard to reach. I have the tendency to forget the important and fun things I have to remember. I'm just latent.
Yesterday night, I decided, I should get back to this. I should blog. I should fill my GIBBERISHGIBBERISH corner (don't be literal) with blogs, it doesn't have to be so beautifully made. I just have to make it as a journal of some kind. It may not be every day, but at least every week I can post a blog or two. This is the only site where I can manage to maintain and insert blogging in my hectic schedule, in my 2nd year college life, in the life where I should be responsible enough to be always chosen as the leader of the group (which I didn't ask for and abhor so much). This leads me to dream that I should also be featured in G-Dragon's What's Up The Leaders, with Teddy and CL. Sarcasm-much and ambitious-much! I just want to be with G-Dragon. Hush Hush now, I don't want to start with this, and end up weeping.
Hoping that my inactivity will end and have some bright future (like Jill, ssshhh) or soon. Smiles!

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Aug 24, '09 2:54 AM

Blog Entry prone to accident UPDATES

Remember this post?

If you can (or cannot), I stated there that I'm gonna post the dates and locations when the accidents happened on my next blog. Well, I wasn't able to stick into that declaration, as always. As you can see, that was posted on April 27, and I have already posted five blogs after that. Punish me! I'm to quiescent in blogging after summer days. It's not like people care. Nobody even wants to know, I just want to keep it alive in here. This may either cause me trauma or serve me as a reminder to be strong. Whatever it may do to me, but I obviously hope it would remind me of how I overcame and fought those bad incidents in my life, I still insist on posting this.

The first accident happened on April 2, 2009 in Balucot, Tambulig, Zamboanga del Sur.
The driver was my sister Ira and I was riding at the back. It was the fault of the both of us. I learned motor-driving last year, but she didn't. That time, she asked me to teach her, but I immediately entrusted her to drive the motor for the very first time. I told her to put her strength on the handle bar to keep the balance, and to keep us on the road, but she misinterpreted me and pulled it hard, so we bumped onto a fence.

The second motor accident happened on April 11, 2009 in Tambulig, Zamboanga del Sur, just in front of my cousin's house. The driver was my mom and I was riding at the back. We were going to the swimming pool at that time. It was a straight road and we have to turn left. My mom slowed down when turning left, but suddenly we went too fast going to the canal. I can't say it's my mom's fault, because I know she didn't do anything to speed up. She wouldn't want us both to be dead. It was pressure. The motor landed onto the cemented canal, my mom and I landed on the side of the cemented canal. Where we landed was soil, grass and rocks, but I actually was on top of my mom. I had more wounds than my mother. Good thing it's my cousins house, so we went inside, cleaned ourselves and covered our wounds. Nothing severe happened. We're fine. We're alive. It's amazing. Thank you God.

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Aug 23, '09 12:34 PM

Kobe Bryant's 31st Birthday

Today's Date: August 23, 2009
Kobe Bryant's Birthdate: August 23, 1978

As time flew by so fast, August also did. When the first day of August rushed in, it hit me strong, since its 23rd day is Kobe Bryant's birthday. Not only that, its 18th day is G-Dragon's birthday, the love of my life, but I won't go to the other direction and discuss about it, it may lead me astray. Pull me back, snap at me, slap my face, and hammer my head, that's better, now let's go back to what this post should be all about.
I have thought of celebrating Kobe's birthday. I knew that it wouldn't be so difficult because my sister also love Kobe so much. I have patiently waited for August 23 to come, counting each day, mentioned it on twitter, plurk, facebook, and to wherever my twitter and plurk are conncected. Even my friends know about it, my humongously huge mouth has been blabbing about it. I even told them about the I'm-gonna-treat-you-on-KB's-birthday thing, but afterward I told them I can't because I have no enough money, but I'll still try to. And so enough about that baloney. When Kobe's birthday went closer, I seem to forget about it.
Today's Sunday, right? So let me tell my experience 2 days before Kobe's birthday. On Friday, I attended my friend's 18th birthday celebration (a pool cocktail party) and slept in my friend's grandmother's house, that's where we celebrated it. I came home on Saturday morning, and I slept almost the whole day, because of exhaustion, please be informed that I wasn't really able to sleep in my friend's grandmother's house. In the evening of Saturday, I slept at around 12 midnight to attend the 8am mass which I wasn't able to attend. On Sunday morning, my phone's alarm was ringing, and alas, it was stating and reminding me that today is Kobe Bryant's birthday. I felt guilty about it. How I longed for this day to come, yet I forgot when it was 2 days closer. I felt happy, though, at last, this anticipated day came. When I got up, I immediately told my sitster, "Happy Birthday Kobe Bryant". She greeted me with pure glee, too. Then we planned what to eat, from Jollibee (which I hastily rejected), to pizzas, cakes, ice cream, etc... What surprised us so much was when our yaya arrived bringing two boxes of pizza. It was absolutely touching. In the night, my sister and yaya bought ice cream, sponsored by my mother. They partcicipated in celebrating Kobe's birthday, I was happy not only because not a cent did I spend on it, but because they also celebrated with us. It was unbelievably poignant of them to do so. We didn't asked for this, but they gave this to us like a gift, an unexpected gift. I really hope Kobe Bryant would know about this whole stuff. We're only your fans Kobe, you don't know anything about us, you don't know about our existence, you know nothing of our love for you, but we hope and pray that someday, maybe someday, you will. Kobe, we may not be your number 1 fans, but in the abyss of our hearts, you're number 1.


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Aug 23, '09 10:47 AM

so close, yet so far

*mode: street (smarts) talk*

Kobe Bryant's gonn' be in Manila this 21st of july.
bad news is (yah know what, juz tell me yah do), am in Cebu.
Kobe's so close now, 'tis d second time he's so close, but still, very far.
Cebu to Manila, vice versa? I have classes, aryt? I dunn wanna miss classes.
mah fellahz know dat.
if I decided to go there, and miss class, i can't still see him, niggah.
yah know why? cuz tickets were given on d freakin' 18th of july. damn!
if only i knew this earlier. i just knew this last week. no time left to prepare. effin' eff!
why, oh, why? am i not really destined to meet kobe? oh, tell me, positively.
i am destined to meet kobe, but 'tis not d right time. right?
i have to wait. errr. patience is a virtue. right!!

ah know, my dream will come true, coz this ain't my exact dream.
God, yahr brilliant! and i am, cuz i get it now, that's why! hhmm..gawd!

still waitin' and prayin'..keep lovin'!

cheeyah niggahz!



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Jul 20, '09 8:23 AM

Confessions of a Los Angeles Lakers Lover

First off, I will inform you in advance that this post doesn't contain any stuff that happened during the game. This is not a report or something that goes close with it. This post is also not the best I've got in my mind, just bursting my happiness. This is about my emotions about Lakers. My sincerest apologies for those who cannot capture the true meaning of this post. You may think you are not supposed to be reading this, feel out-of-place, think I'm crazy, or may not pursue reading this, but just bear with me. I know that you can relate it to other things that bring significance to your life, to other things that you, yourself, consider so important, or you consider your LIFE itself.

Now, let me start with the history. The beginning of my addiction for Lakers.
It was when I was in Grade 3 or 4 (God! why can't I remember when? oh, alright).
My father and older brother/uncle were watching an NBA game, so we also watched with them. The teams playing were Lakers, and again, God help me, I cannot remember who their rival was. It was the first time I saw Lakers play (as I remember it), but I knew in my heart, I loved them since that.

It was not like I'm so overly addicted to them, that I want to watch their every game, and know their standings, and memorize all the players and their corresponding numbers, but honestly, I kind of did the memorizing of the players' name and their numbers (lol). That's being an expert of Lakers, I love them, and that's just it, not being an expert. I also felt within me that my favorite players are Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. I just stopped treating O'Neal as my favorite when he left Lakers. You know, he's no longer a member of Lakers. There was also a game where Lakers' opponent was Sacramento Kings, when Lakers lost the game, I cried, that was the first time I cried for Lakers.

And so, life continued, I supported them. Prayed that they'll always win, but they won't always win, they're not a perfect team. When they haven't been winning the finals champion, I hated every team that defeats them, that gets in their way for becoming the champion. I hated Spurs, but I love them so much now, they're my 2nd favorite. I hated Detroit Pistons, and still don't like them, but my love for Lakers remains, and my faith in God shines.

Until, on December 25, 2006 ( I suppose, or was that 2005?), I lost my faith in God, for a minute only, and regained it after a minute. It was such a special game for me. Los Angeles Lakers against Miami Heat (Shaq's team at that time). The game was tough, but I prayed so hard, believed that they will win. I was even holding a rosary, and was always taking a glimpse of the Jesus by the Sea cross-stitch frame in our house. At the end, they lost the game. At that moment, I got angry at God. I was asking Him why He didn't let the Lakers win. Why, of all, the only one who knows how much Lakers mean to me, didn't grant my prayers. I was so hurt, I just lost my faith, I even cried so much for the Lakers. And it was then that I realized I was wrong. I asked myself why I hated Him for that. It was no big deal, frankly, it was, for me, but to hate God because they lost the game? I was pathetic. After dropping my faith on the ground, I picked it up, and placed it in my heart, locked it in, so that it won't fall again. I cried so hard even more, I was so guilty for doing such a horrific action. I asked God's forgiveness. He may not answer me, but I know I was forgiven. He has unconditional love, you know. See, that's how much Lakers occupies my brain and heart. I even get into trouble (a bit) for them, when my friends say negative things about them, I would fight for them. It was all for them. Don't get me wrong, one might think Lakers is a bad influence, that they pushed me to hate God and to get into trouble for them. It's not like that. My brain was just clouded by the dark beings that moment. How guilty I was. Hate God in Jesus' birthday? huh!!!! I kept beating myself, but I'm so faithful now.

And so, life continued. Kept my support and love in tact for them. Last year, Boston Celtics was their rival. I kept praying for them to win, but I told God, that even if Lakers will lose, I will still believe in Him. I was prepared that they're going to lose. It will hurt me, but I will take it. I just felt that it was not their time. Even if I sensed that they were not going to be the champion, when Celtics won, I hated them. I hated them so much, until now.

When the 2008-2009 season started, it was like God assured me that Lakers' time is now. Lakers was always winning. So many wins, so little loses. They were so good. I was admiring them more. I had the sense that they're going to be the 2009 NBA champion, I just got it in me.

When Lakers faced Celtics again, I prayed so much that Lakers will win. God granted me the prayer. For me, it was revenge, vengeance for what the Celtics did to them. I was happy.
Then suddenly, Cleveland Cavaliers became so good, I was afraid of them, scared that they'll be the one who will beat LA. When they faced each other, God was with me. He made me happy again, as always.

So playoffs started, it was easy at first, then they had a hard time, but they made it. I was thinking that their rival in the finals will either be Celtics or Cavaliers, and shocked at the fact that Celtics didn't make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. I was even more shocked when Cleveland didn't make it to the finals. Magic works for ORLANDO MAGIC. I was so scared of Orlando because Lakers did not win during their two games in the regular season.

So, for the finals, Lakers against Orlando. Every game I'd pray and I'd cry (in secret) for Lakers. I'd wake up early just to watch the game live. When they're having a hard time, I won't watch, it hurts me, I'd just check nba.com. I just watch the replay at night, when I'm sure that they will win.

I would cry secretly at night when I talk to God, when I ask God for them to win. Sometimes, I talk to God, that maybe God is not on the Lakers' side, maybe He's in Orlando's, but I still believe. Sometimes, I tell God and assure Him that I still believe in Him, but slowly fading on Lakers. Then I realize, I still believe in Lakers, and forever I will.

Game 5 is such a crucial stage, Lakers leads 3-1, one more win to go, and they will be crowned in their pedestal as the 2009 NBA CHAMPION. But I was sad, because it's the start of our class, I can't watch the game live. I was in school today, but I told my sister that she should message me for whatever the result is, so she kept giving me updates. Then I received her message declaring they won. I was ecstatic. I was jumping with joy and gladness. I was shouting. I don't care if many people saw me and thought I was weird, as long as I'm happy and I was able to express it. I thanked God, and still thanking Him until now. I'm so grateful. He made me happy, He made team Lakers happy, He made the Lakers Nation happy. Lakers made me happy. As I was riding a van going home, I was praying to God, thanking Him, I could cry that moment, but I shouldn't. So I went to the church and prayed again. Now, I'm typing here, writing this blog of my love for them.

Their championship needs a celebration, tomorrow we'll celebrate (my sister also loves Lakers so much, as much as I do). It's supposed to be today, but some problems arose. Tomorrow, it'll be a celebration for the the Lakers' victory. A celebration consisting of, literally, only two people who love Lakers so much, but figuratively, all Lakers lovers out there. For the LAKERS! Cheers!

I LOVE THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of our love for Lakers, my sister and I decided to create an organization or foundation, its name would be Purple and Gold, since the team's color is Purple and Gold. Help people; eradicate poverty and starvation.

To be able to watch a Lakers game, just even once, in Staples center, and Kobe is playing. My sister and I want this soon, because Kobe might stop his basketball career, we want to watch Kobe play in Lakers, in Staples center. We hadn't thought of this, I mean, we always have thought of watching Lakers play in Staples center in real life, but it never was a problem if Kobe might be playing there or not when that moment comes. Just last week, we thought of this, we got so scared. This dream might come true, but what if Kobe is retired already? It'll be so tragic.
Watching Lakers play in Staples center may come true, but it'll come true, maybe 10 or 20 years from now, when we earn for ourselves. After 10 years, will Kobe still be playing? It's like an impossible dream, we need help. Earning money is hard, it's not like we can just ask money from our parents, it's a hell lot of money that we need just to go to U.S.A., to buy a ticket in Staples center, a ticket may cost 30,000 pesos. That's just for the ticket in Staples Center, how much more for the airplane ticket going to U.S.A.? And our pocket money? For our food and place? We're not rich, we don't have enough money for that dream to pursue, but we need it now, now that Kobe is still playing, he won't retire yet next season, right? To dream an impossible dream, hmmmmm..how sorrowful. Money is all we need. Bunch of money for this dream to come true. In this situation, I say money can buy happiness.

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Jun 15, '09 6:07 AM

SERIOUS: the return of the comeback. wahah!! LOLS!

I haven't been composing blogs for quite a while. Seems that my head ran out if its river of thoughts. Is it because of the summer season, and it's so hot (or my own hotness. lol), my mind's dehydrated that it dried up? Or some other reasons and factors that may have disrupted the normal function of my abnormal brain? Sometimes, thoughts just keep flowing, they keep pouring from only-God-knows-where, random stuff just pop out, and sometimes they explode, though I do not intend to detonate them. When I feel prepared to type them down, they escape me, they leave me with nothing but strayed pebbles. I don't want to pick them up one by one and see if something's enscripted on them that I can still make use of, so I just drift away. Now that I insisted on licking and sniffing the remnants, I reminisce the thoughts that, not just once, but few times, abandoned me. I present them to you.

" There's nothing left of me, but pray. I can only pray. I can only believe."
--That was when Lakers had a hard time playing againts Houston Rockets.
Playoffs Second Round. Good thing, now, the Lakers is fighting for the championship. I hope Lakers will be the champion.

" My father doesn't seem to adhere upon this belief."
--I plurked this line. It's about the story that snakes shelter in our house. That they were the pets of my grandmother and they still live there. Unseen, cause they're in the underground.
But I do not really know what's real and what's not.

" I could just break down that moment."
--That was after my mother and I had the motor accident. I could just collapse emotionally that time, but I fought it, and collapsed physically instead. I'm fine now.

"There are three things I'm so scared of right now. 1. The rain. 2. The Lightning. 3. Another motor accident."
--That was when my brother and I was riding a motor ( we don't know who the driver was) going home, from our cousins'. It was raining, I was afraid my phones and the camera might get wet. Afraid of the lightning, it might struck us, fry us, and end our life. Lastly, the trauma of having another motor accident. I don't know how long this trauma will last, but I sure hope it'll be gone soon now.

"But I am home."
--This is when I'm in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur ( my home) and my Cebu brain is quarrelling with my Molave brain. Cebu brain keeps insisting to Molave brain that I'm not home, but I say, I am home.

Hhhmm..Few I am not able to bring back. Soon they'll come, or perhaps not. Tidbits only, but they satisfy me, at least.

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Jun 6, '09 10:45 AM

for the love of BEN 10

Yup, I'm 17, but still embodies the heart of a kiddo! Woohhohh!!!
Let's have an infernal slumber party in Mrs. Foster's house of imaginary friends,
and of course with all the Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, etc. cartoon characters. Oooppss, my bad.
Why am I blabbing about them, I wasn't supposed to blah blah about these baloney (they're actually NOT nonsense, but stuff, I meant).
I'm making this blog *eherm, read the title* for the love of Ben 10.
I totally love the opening song of Ben 10, and it's probably their theme song too, for 2 years approximately. So here I am, going to post the lyrics of it.

Ben 10's opening song sung by Mz. Moxy and written by Andy Sturmer.

"It started when an alien device did what it did
And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid
He's Ben 10.

So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise,
He'll turn into an alien before your very eyes
He's slimy, freaky, fast and strong, he's every shape and size
He's Ben 10

Armed with powers, he's on the case
Fighting off evil from Earth or space
He'll never stop till he makes them pay
'Cause he's the baddest kid to ever save the day
Ben 10″


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May 18, '09 10:54 AM

prone to accident

damn!!! this one motor vehicle won't leave me for dead.
as if the game, LEFT FOR DEAD.
i'm gonna freaking die this summer.
God, please don't take my life yet.
You can, actually, but not this way, not by an accident.
I already had TWO motor accidents.
Yeah, TWO!!!!
Trauma is wrapping me. It's so dark, I can't see.
Not bragging, but I drive well, and I AM NOT THE ONE DRIVING DURING THE ACCIDENT.
I was at the back, riding, alright.
I got bruises, wounds, lacerations, cuts, and stuff.
I can't even walk well. But I'm fine now. BUT still traumatic.
Since the second accident, I never dared try to drive again.
Just riding at the back, which is not really safe for me, the same situation, the same happening.
More details next blog. Dates will be given, and locations.
This is FREAKISH!!!!!

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Apr 27, '09 4:00 AM

will i ever see you again?

I found my own G-Dragon one night.
And perhaps I won't see HIM ever again.
I wanted to tell Him, "You are my GD.", but i can't.
So that ends.

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Apr 27, '09 3:20 AM

nailed it!

Earth Hour 2009 is at last over, done, and achieved.
It feels so great that I have participated in this wondrous event. I would like to gratify people who cooperated in Earth Hour, and for those who did not, you'd better next year, beware...
Just kidding guys, Earth Hour would not compel people to switch off their lights. Frankly, I really would want them too, so that, literally, the whole world will shift into darkness. I even want people to turn off their appliances and all, not just light switches. I'm like a tyrannical human being (but not that harsh) who only want betterment for the world. Like I said in my previous blogs, I want the main power of the cities to be switched off.
I call the people who did not cooperate as "outlanders", because it seems like they don't love the world they're in. This is Earth, our home, where else could we go if this Earth will be destroyed? To Mars? To where that exactly resembles Earth?
This is our own actions that cause global warming, so we need to take action to at least somehow lessen it, to lessen the burden that the Earth has been carrying. Ooh..getting too melodramatic here. Uhm, so please outlanders, next Earth Hour, just switch off your lights, it's not that hard to do.

I'm so proud because the Philippines has the largest number of participating cities in Earth Hour. We're number 1! We rock hard! We're so good! Yeah!

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Mar 28, '09 10:42 PM

FOR THE WORLD (i told you i'll be nagging you)

if there's a BIG BANG FOR THE WORLD...
(some may not be able to relate, for more information...just wait, this is for Earth Hour, not for my love, so don't worry if you don't know what i'm talking about)

Earth Hour
March 28, 2009
8:30-9:30 pm

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Mar 16, '09 10:14 AM

be committed

register for free!!!
go to www.earthhour.org
or http://www.earthhour.org/
(they're just the same page..nehe)
sign up now!!!!!!!

i ask you guys, i beg you on my knees..
please...please please... help...
be a part of this wonderful experience....

March 28, 2009
8:30 pm
for ONE hour, switch off your lights..
and your appliances.

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Mar 15, '09 9:29 AM

together, we can make a difference

people, i want to remind you about the EARTH HOUR.
it will be on March 28, 2009.
8:30 pm.
for one hour, switch off your lights, and all the appliances in your homes that consume electricity...(i think they all do..waha.)
or , you can just switch off your main power...haha, that will be better.

honestly, i want to have this done at least every month...that would really help, a LOT!
i even want the main power of our cities to be switched off, if people won't cooperate, then they would have no choice..but that would be evil...
actually, i think, it's possible without the evil label...
remember new year?...every, i suppose, 1 am of january 1, almost all of cebu's lights are turned off...no need for the consent of the people, it was done, like a black out or something.
the people have no choice, it was done so that the fireworks would be appreciated...
imagine, a whole city lighting their fire works, and the whole city is dark..it's so beautiful to look at...especially us, who live in lapu2x city, just in front of cebu..very nice. after cebu's kinda black out, lapu2x's lights went out. so astounding, really.

again, EARTH HOUR..please cooperate...
this is for our planet.

*i won't stop....i'll be nagging YOU.

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Mar 15, '09 9:13 AM

answer my damn question! Mar 11, '09 8:16 AM for everyone

the english translation of mota is sleepdust.


Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba? (or i suppose)
-for informing me

Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba? (or i suppose)
-for spreading it late, this should have been done on february, lazy me.

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Mar 11, '09 8:16 AM

the VIP effect

a vow has been created.
THE FIRST and THE LAST visit to bianca's place.

bianca and crixa, you know the story. and soon, the story will diffuse.

but atche, please don't be anxious about it, the vow may be broken, i usually break the rules.
we'll go back there when there will be no more drunken monkeys hanging around.
sorry for the insolent words atche, if that's what i think they are, that's what i'll say they are.
you know my words, and my mouth. as what i always say,
i have a metaphorically humongous mouth.

we had fun, though.
we're grateful for the food. especially the chocolate, our supper.

happy 17th birthday biancee tehankee!!!!!

**crixa, dumating na nga ang delubyo...tama ang ating mga prediksyon sa ika 28 na araw ng pebrero..hindi nga tayo nagkamali..nakakatakot at nakaka "trauma" na mga eksena at sitwasyon..sobra na!!!!

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Feb 28, '09 9:27 PM

i don't have a dream catcher

february 21, 2009.

my soul entered my body again after it's travel in the realm of the unseen.
i wasn't dead again...i've come back to life... a heaven reborn?...
no, not that card, but a monster reborn..that was drawn.

i stood up from the bed that doesn't seem to let me up...
it has a magnetic force that keeps on pulling me like a metal.
a warp hole. but i fought hard. i wanted to stay in bed.
but i felt obliged to stand my body up, though my cerebrum won't allow me.

i watched myself move as a speck of white light somehow flickered in my right eye.
my reflection in the mirror wasn't the most beautiful of them all(duh!!! i just woke up).
and i noticed that my eyes were swollen...damn big swollen!!!
and mota were on my lashes.
i was confused, it was like i was crying the whole night..
but i swear i wasn't.

my theory.
i had a very bad, evil dream, or nightmare, that's more appropriate.
in my nightmare, perhaps i was crying, and while i was sleeping, i was too,
without being aware of it. that made my eyes swollen and my mota scattered on my eye lashes.

i couldn't even remember a thing in my nightmare.
GOD must not want me to know about my dream...
it was too evil to comprehend. too devastating to think about.

**what the hell is the english translation of mota?
mota is also a spanish word which means speck; dot; tiny bit...chuva more.

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Feb 22, '09 8:16 AM

making pancakes and mango shake

no..don't get me wrong here ladies and not ladies, i'm not referring to
our exercise 3 (Making Pancakes) in chapter 4 in our CS( ahyeeh..bianca).
Let's say we, the ACAFEELERS made a list of our "hectic and euphoric schedule",
and one of the list( like Sokka's) was BAKING!!! yeah baby!!!
we did it on crixa's crib, sure sure, like all the cooking materials are there,
where else could we go?..
oh, i won't give the details, of course, we captured the moment.
just waiting for christine to do the uploading job ...ahaha...
( bianca: my job is loving akanichi jin... crixa: my b**wjob is being with akanichi jin..
sorry crish, can't prevent my fingers from typing...)

a short story:
Crixa was slicing some mangoes into the blender and she squeezed the mango
to produce its juice, it was disgusting, honestly, so bianca said,
"kung luod ko, mas luod si crixa". After uttering those words, she sipped
her glass of mango shake then a bllkkbbllukk sound diffused into the
somehow silent room
(frankly,the room really was filled with a very eardrums-breaking and deaf-causing noise).
The mango shake got into her nose. haha.
**i told you it was a short story**

another bianca evil manhid very short story:
we were wondering why the youngest sister of crixa was always laughing, and
bianca was, too... it was because bianca put a small piece of hotcake into each of
crixa and kristine's glass of mango shake...how evil! but kristine found out and told us
about it, bianca didn't plead guilty of her crime..but when we were going home,
she told me the whole truth and nothing but the truth..
and "the truth shall piss u off"..i've read this somewhere.
**i told you it was a very short story**

ahh...i know i forgot something, but as i have said, i won't give the details, SLOTH..
to synthesize it, it was FUN FUN FUN.

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Feb 7, '09 7:53 AM


i'm so tired na mag make ng blog...busy na masyado my schedule.
but i just want to pasalamat God for giving me a maagang birthday gift...
thank u God...i hope bibigyan nya me again ng regalo like this.

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Jan 23, '09 10:03 PM

---this was when I became one of the Dean's Lister in 1st year, 1st sem.

out of many, four

-my baby crocky, now my baby monkey
-my baby skinny
-my, i mean, our(chrisia) uppa
-my uno
but if my 360-degree vision can't track and detect uno,
i'll stop....perhaps you fall on my blind spot..hhmmm, just like neji's ability...
uno, kuriwa or guriwa, watever, koreans have many letters in common,
like l and r, t and d, etc....i can't understand hangul..
i miss you uno, but this will soon end...farewell now my beloved...
your monotonous voice i won't hear...though it's boring, my ears crave its sound...

and soon, these three will remain....

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Jan 13, '09 9:10 AM

-- e pluribus unum

an unexpected gift (i really was prepared if i won't receive it)

i have longed for this day to come..
i have prayed for them to win...
and thank God, they won....
the Los Angeles Lakers won against the Boston Celtics...
thank u God..thank you....

i really did not watch the game, i don't want to feel the thrill, i mean, i don't want
to go ballistic during the game..i shout so loud...my blood boils...
i growl, i roar...my nose and ears erupt...smoke and lava comes out of them...
but now that i know the result, i want to watch the game... *smiles so big it hurts my cheeks*

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Dec 26, '08 3:02 AM

sends shivers down my spine

I'm not talking about the cold air during Christmas season, well, it's cold, but that's not really what i wanted to say...
just the thought of not having a complete family celebration does....
for my 16 years of existence here on earth, i think this is the first time to celebrate Christmas day without my father..
it is sad...melancholy has evaded my soul (for now, though euphoria has always been my emotion) and it is really totally not nice....
i can't feel the spirit of christmas, but Jesus has given me a sense of relief... because of His birthday..
Happy Birthday Jesus...
people have always used MERRY CHRISTMAS, but i don't have a MERRY christmas...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS...i'm so grateful, though my father is not here with me, YOU are...

Jesus, please let the Lakers win in their game against the Celtics this Christmas day...
that would make me elated...a very beautiful gift...it'd make me ecstatic even without my father, not really a replacement, but something that would somehow fill the emptiness of my entity...
please God, Thank YOU...

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Dec 24, '08 9:39 AM

---that wasn't really the first time I celebrated Christmas without my father..I was wrong, I forgot. Apologies!

lying in the pool of my own blood

one of the things that makes my life horrific is the defeat of my team,
the Los Angeles Lakers.
it's like i saw myself lying in the pool of my own blood.
isn't that terrible? doesn't that make you sad?
the Los Angeles Lakers have been savoring their mild victory, yesterday, they had a standing of 17 wins and 2 loses, but today, they lost the game against the Sacramento Kings, 113-101...
now that's one hell of a loss.
my theory?...hhmm....guess i did not pray for them for the past few games....
prayer is so powerful...
prayer is not defeat...
prayer is victory....

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Dec 10, '08 4:48 AM

then you'd better find a man who'd fit

i have found a huge number of people criticizing robert pattinson from "he's not totally the edward cullen i was thinking about" to "i think robert pattinson had an accident when he was a child, his face got stepped by a horse shoe"(yah, that was the freaking idea my brother told me, and i hated it so much i would burn his butt)....but whatever their rants are, they can't do anything about it, the movie is irrevocable. the movie has been made and they can't alter it anymore. as if they could get another edward cullen for the next three movies(haha, dream on, suckers!). why can't they just accept the truth?.. i was even asked what happened to my DEFINITION OF HANDSOME by my sister (we have the same definition of beauty by the way,and i think i should be the one asking her that question). They just don't know how to appreciate beauty. Good thing Robert Pattinson is so masochistic, behind all the obnoxious illusory evaluation brought about by nothing-good-to-say-who-should-better-shut-up people, he still have that tenacious atmosphere.

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Dec 6, '08 11:24 PM

Monday, August 24, 2009


haha..to be unique for the most part...the book's title is twilight...and i know millions have titled their blogs as twilight...dusk is the darker stage of twilight...
uhuhm...i just want to shout out loud...i mean, "say it! out loud, say it!"....
I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!! the whole package(i'm just saying this referring to the book, and because of edward)!!!!!!!
I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!...i'm looking forward for new moon's movie...
and oh, i don't think it's really something to be proud about, but, the Filipino vampire(i didn't even know that we had one) called Danag, is mentioned in the book..but seriously, i'm proud of it..

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Nov 30, '08 10:26 AM

a simple victory

i guess you know my enrolment experience, and it was not just my experience, it was also the experience of some of my close friends and classmates...
but yesterday, we obtained our simple victory, at last..

we stumbled and fell, stood up, and once more..we kept on fighting for our desire ,but an invisible thread or maybe a huge chain, keeps on dragging us towards the doomed darkness, towards the point of no return, but our gumption is much much stronger and tougher than the gigantic chain...and we reached the top, the peak, the zenith of the mountain, which way was full of hazards. it was like a stem of rose, full of thorns, but at the end, you'll see the magnificent flower blooming, it's sublime scent that diffuses to the cold breeze.

the summary of my story is, we are now enrolled...and i'm so happy, i gratify the Lord God above, perhaps it was a test of faith, and i passed the test...WE did.

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Nov 7, '08 11:03 PM

disappointed..ISIS, ARIS, watever!!

i studied in the University of San Carlos because i thought this was the best school in Cebu....but i was totally disappointed...they destroyed my good expectations about them....they ruined my dream...they have not served the students well and the parents as well...they crossed the smiles of the sem break....our happy faces are now shattered into pieces, i thought we should turn our frown upside down.....why so serious?..let's put a smile on that face.....how?...now tell me....tell me USC,, how can we smile and laugh in this time of life?....you made our life miserable...our college life!!! arggghhhh!!!!! am so tired, i've been there and done that, and those, and these, and this...but what?....what now?.....
october 25, 2008...i went to school to enrol myself of course, but actually, we were supposed to go october 23, 2008 because that was really the schedule, but guess what?...the Political Science Department was closed...yah...like, CLOSED!!!!!!!!!! but it was fine with me, no problem with that....my problem is, i am still not enrolled for the second semester!!!!! can you believe that?...and so, today, november 4, i went there again hoping to enrol myself...i arrived at the department at 7+...i waited because its service hour opens at 8:00 but you know what time it opened?...it opened at 8:20!!!!! ahh....it's breaking my cranium!!!!! and so, i entered the department with bianca, she asked ma'am myrnz about our registration form but it's still not done!!!! because the system is disconnected....ahh........it's getting into my nerves!!!!!
my heart!!!!! my heart!!!! am gonna get a heart attack!!!!!!! i mean, what the hell!!!!
if there's an angriest video gamer nerd, then i'd be the angriest 2nd sem enroller NERD!!!
i'm going nerd in this f***ing thing!!!!!! this is horse sh*t!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!
now, i can't think well, i'm so half-witted!! so feebleminded!!!!! arrgghhhhh!!!!!! it's destroying my sanity!!!! waaahh!!!!!!

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Nov 3, '08 9:40 PM

1 week & 2 days of agony

i know all of us have experienced a "no internet connection" watsoever....but my experience is way beyond ur experience(that's what i think)....i mean,i was not grounded, we have a PLDT my DSL, and, i have all the internet pleasure in the world....but, na wa amu internet not just for the for the firts time, but for the 140th time(just estimating)...october 13-16 i think, na wa amu internet...for 4 days!!!!!! mao toh,nanawag jud mi sa PLDT ha, and i have sacrificed my "no-way-i'll-speak-in-tagalog" policy...i do speak tagalog, but in serious conversation, NO!!!!! nag tagalog jud ko nakig-storya sa PLDT..grabeh, may gani storya ra sa telephone, wa ra kau ko na-uwaw....hala, dghan kau xag blah blah, in the end, ni ingon dayon xa ug mu consult nlng mi samu personal technician, wa jud xay batasan, ni ingon nlng kaha toh xa dretso.....pero, ok ra toh, kay pagka ugma ato nga day, ni balik man amu internet...nya, nlingaw ra pod ko, pero, pag october 20-29(this i'm very sure), na wa naman pod kaha na amu internet...asus!!!!!kalagot ba jud....at least, ako evil uncle kay naay internet ug ako cousins pod naa, dd2 nlng tawn mi....kaluoy jud namu oi....nya pag october 29, nianhi na ang technician nga c danny man cguro toh, for like, pila ra ka minutes, ni balik dayon amu internet...maayu au xa..nahah...thank u jud nya....naa nami internet....mao ra to...

arigato gozaimasu!!!

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Oct 31, '08 12:14 AM


i composed a poem when i was in 4th yr HS and i just wrote it on a 1/4 sheet of paper....because of my carelessness, i lost it....and so i was searching for the papers i used during enrolment, and blah blah..accidentally, i pulled out my mother's folder, full of pertinent papers and it all scattered on the floor, when i picked them up, i saw the WAMPORT(remember, get 1/4, wamport ma'am?...)....woohhoohh!!!and here's the lame poem i made....

A Father's Sacrifice

One night, from a battle of evil force, a father & two brothers, riding a car
Suddenly, a ten-wheeler truck from afar
Hits them and boom! windshield cracked & broken glasses
Their blood spattered as it crashes

The wrath of the menace brought havoc to the family
The father and the first son were hurt badly
The father healed quickly but the first son is soon to experience death
The second son felt a sense of grief, he can hardly breathe

The father drew a demon-summoning symbol
Lit candles and recited a prayer to make it double
He made a deal: do not let the reaper take the soul of his son
in exchange with the colt, a devil-exterminating gun

The devil agreed, but he is a devil; he's not contented
And so the first son's body and soul were united
The father whispered the first son a secret to be kept
The father died, and, the second son wept.

and that was the poem..i kinda don't like the way i wrote the poem, it was not really nice, but i love the story of the poem....it's actually based from the series, SUPERNATURAL, season 2, episode 1.....if you have seen the episode, you'd probably understand and internalize the essence of the poem..i even cried in this episode...huhuh..

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Oct 13, '08 12:45 AM

my NEWEST crush(unexpected)

i so so so have millions of crushes....but this new crush is so not my type...well, it's not like i have requirements, it's just that my only korean crush is lee dong wook..that's from 3rd yr hs and i never got a korean crush ever again.....and so, it's sembreak, MOVIE MARATHON baby!!!!!! and my sister happened to borrow a dvd full of korean films from her classmate...so we watched the movies of course...MY TUTOR FRIEND 2....yup, the guy in that movie is so like my new crush ....gosh!!!!he is so JUNK-MAN(that's what the girl calls him though his name in the moivie is JONG-MAN)....i wish i was the girl in that movie..she's so lucky..and i'm so unfortunate...i still don't know his real name but i'm gonna know that...ahahahhaa.....hhhhhmmmm.....hey, i even started to hate koreans because they're invading our territory... but , *sighs* JUNK-MAN, i love you!!!!! (dangsinul saranghee yo!!!)

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Oct 12, '08 7:43 AM


well, OCTOBER 3,4,5, 2008...ang birhen sa SIMALA kay toa sa cathedral....uhm, sorry crish if i'll be speaking in vernacular in this blog coz i really want to speak this, today, because, the BIRHEN SA SIMALA is Cebuana...naha...or i think she is...naha..ok, let's start...uhm, we already started..ok...mao toh xa....mga 9:15 toa nami sa cathedral, and god, the line was like a labyrinth...it was so LONG, murag katong sa DOULOS nga linya...grabeh, makamatay....
init pa jud kau, but at least it was fast moving...nalingaw ra pod q picture2 dd2...humorous pod kau ang people nga lay alam asa ang linya, taka lang lakaw..nahaha...and then there are people na opportunity grabbers au....mag lagot jud q...naputol ra gani ang linya kay nanagan ang other people padung sa linya sa kupo, hala, sumpay daun sa linya nga duol nlng...agay!!ka lami bah sumbagon, if it wasn't for d birhen, lagpot nato cla sa layo...well, it was worth d wait, naka touch jud q sa birhen..gwapa au xa ai....unfair lang jud kau, kay ang nag bantay, gpa dali mi nya ug touch, nya kato mga tiguwang dugay kau..sus!!! ang other people pa jud nga imbis sa kupo ra cla, ni sud mna para sa mu touch..ka mga wa judy batasan....pero, cge nlng...the suffering was for the birhen....karma nato nila..
naha....naa pa jud mga music na i.play, nice pod ang melody sa kanta oi...graveh kau toh..mga 2 na gud ka mass amu na attend...1 hour plus sad mi dd2 oi, kumpara sq ante nga 4 hours, nag ulan pa jud..naha....after sa kainit, chowking dayon, HALO HALO SARAP SARAP!!!!

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Oct 4, '08 8:05 AM

is this coincidence or what?...the nostalgic song(replay)

ok....i just posted the blog which title was nostalgic song,and if u have read that, u know what i was babbling about....and now, minutes passed, i hear this song again, yah know, neighbors, who don't really care how loud the music they're playing...they just can't stop their hands from turning the volume of their speakers from 1 to 10....they even try to twist it even though it's reached its zenith...mehn....the RIGHT HERE WAITING song is all around me...this song is like popcorns, they just puff, maybe because, i saw popcorns in TC, and i did not even bother to ingest one....is the wrath of the popcorn haunting me?....uhh...okay, the song...why?....for so long, why?....uhm, perhaps, God doesn't want me to just forget about my summer romance....yesterday night, i even eradicated all his messages to me(forwarded)....and now, my memory of him just keeps flowing, rushing, like the water from the river towards its predestined place, the ocean....like the theory of predestination, that we are already doomed to go to hell...we, beacause we are all sinners, haha....the sinners thing is mine...to be doomed!!!!!oh...am sorry....where was i?......yeah....and so the point of my story is my point exactly....

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Sep 17, '08 8:38 AM

nostalgic song....

this dismissal, i was very busy running, like i was a real pro, but it was definitely not a marathon game, it was all about the PHOTOCOPY madness....well, tonight might be a very hectic night ,for we have so much to accomplish for tomorrow, not assignments, but, tests, long tests i tell you....okay....and so, i got this 7 habits watsoever photocopied,and after that, i passed by a store(i was running) which burns cd's...(u know wat i mean by saying burn)...and i hear this very nostalgic melody, and puff!!! it was the song, RIGHT HERE WAITING....mehn, i cried for this song during summer....and i told my friend bianca that i would never wanna hear this song again...for those who know why this song is so heart-wrecking, i know u'd understand me....yup...and that's it....hhmmm....but i already recovered from that summer romance....and though i have so much to do toninght, i still posted this blog, coz, i don't really care bout tomorrow(uhm, i do care ,but i'm not that worried),as long as tomorrow will always come, and we'll all be safe with God's hands...nahaha.....geez....i am so religious, am proud of this thing....*stretching, rotating my neck, so exhausted, longs to lay down and fall in an abysmal slumber,yawning*...

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Sep 17, '08 8:06 AM