Saturday, October 24, 2009

my daddy :'(

Part 3. "SAD"

I received a text message from mama, she was asking how was our enrollment, but of course I didn't tell her about the freaking 5.0 grade, she would freak out, and I don't want to sadden my father about it, either.

My sister Ira also received a text message from mama, stating that they won't be able to depart for Cebu, because my papa got fever and is feeling really cold. If my father will be fine and can carry himself, they would depart for Cebu tomorrow.

My mother said that my father has been suffering from fever and extreme chills(feeling really cold, not sure if hypothermia) for five days already. She asked us, again, to pray always, and that my papa is pitiful, in a sense that we express pity with sadness and compassion.

I cried, again, but I wasn't hysterical, it was just a soft cry, little tears falling, following the contour of my face.

Prayers work, right? "Prayers work", this used to be the title of my multiply site, because I believe they do. I pray, God, I pray, and please grant our prayers. I love my father.

HUh..why are problems coming my way? :'(

Now, every time my smart phone beeps, I'm afraid I'm going to receive another text message from mom that is tears-inducing. I hope not.

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