Saturday, October 24, 2009

back to original

Part 2. "HAPPY"

I never get tired if this phrase, "back to original"(the title of this post). It's because when Chrisia and Bianca were gone from our group--the big bang acafeelers, viva fret teamed up with us, and repa Ninz. We became the 8DL's, it originally meant delicious, but we jokingly want it be named drug lords. Jel had an evil plan, if Chrisia will be back, it will be back to original. It means, the 8DL will be gone, we'll be big bang acafeelers, again(bianca missing), they'd be viva fret, again, and Ninz will be alone. HAHA. It's really funny.

Chrisia will be enrolling, again, this semester. She went to school yesterday and we had fun. We ate lunch at a food store near the road. We really want to eat pork teriyaki, but it's was unavailable at that time, so we ate mushcream. Mushcream is a sauce(pronounced mistakenly by the order-taker) made up of mushroom and cream, but it's a meal, so the whole package was a bowl of rice, with beef and mushcream. I actually went for mushcream because Chrisia and Christine call me MUSH, but we all ordered mushcream, it sounds scrumptious.

It was honestly the first time we ate in that food store, it was open, and by open, I mean, no walls, no doors, no room, there was just a big umbrella up on the floor, tables and chairs. If you say dirty, perhaps it was, because the dust could just easily hit our food. While I was eating, I kept on covering my bowl. The food store isn't unsanitary, it was just basically a little food stand. You just order there, and you go to the umbrella-protected tables and chairs.

We weren't satisfied with the food, we wanted more mushcream. The food didn't really matter to us, what mattered was our laughter and our chats. Jel arrived late. She let us wait for her, and it was worth the wait. We talked and laughed, and talked and laughed.

I was just happy, back with the old days. I reminisce the past, we, hanging out together, except that Bianca wasn't there, and Star was there. It's not like I don't like Star to be there, I like her to be there, and I also like Grace to be there, too. It would be much more fun. Imagine Grace and Chrisia in one table. Huh, I could just picture out what this semester would be. HAHA. These two just produce the laughter and smiles out of us.

These people could make me happy, a little break from all the problems that are coming my way. I know this is a bit mushy, but thank you guys, really.

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