Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Enrollment

It's been a week, days pass so fast like a balloon pricked, and blast.

Huh.. and problems keep coming my way. WTH? Why, the heaven?

To keep up with my blog, I'll write regarding yesterday's happening in three separate posts. It's gonna be long if I compile them in one post, so better divide them. This post is to synthesize my "October 23, 2009" day. It was a looong day, and this day brought me two distinct and strong emotions, which are overused by many, but mostly me.

SADNESS and HAPPINESS. [Oh I can hear Big Bang's TOP's voice saying this in MY HEAVEN]

Yesterday was a transition of sadness and happiness. I was happy, then sad, then happy, then sad.

First, I was happy, because I saw my classmates, again, we talked and laughed.

Second, then I became sad, because I got a grade of 5.0 in my major. I'm sure as hell that I don't deserve that grade.

Third, I was happy, again, because Chrisia was there.

Fourth, I became sad, again, because we received another text message from our mama about the condition of my dad.

The three following posts will be narrating about the second, third, and fourth points. Since the first point, where i was happy, is just normal and nothing new, so I won't talk about it. I always get to see those faces, so sorry classmates, no special post for you.

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