Saturday, October 24, 2009

a freaking 5.0 grade?

Part I. "SAD"

This semester(or last semester), our major is POSC 110 by Sir Poca. We all got a near-failing grade in the midterm, so we tried our best in our final exam.

I got 35/50 in the final exam, and Sir Poca said that the final exam will cover half of the final grade. 35 is good, and he said those who got 10 below is sure to fail, those who got 10-20 has some chance not to fail, and of course, those who got 20 up won't fail. I got 35, so I was complacent that I won't fail.

Some of my classmates already knew their grades, Jel who got 11 in the final exam got 3.0, which is the passing grade, Grace who got 13 also got 3.0, and others who got a lower score than me passed. Who wouldn't be chill and relaxed?

When I saw my grade, a freaking 5.0 grade, I was terribly shocked! How the hell did I get that grade? Mel, who also got 35 in the final exam, got 2.1, and why didn't I? I should also get a grade like that, a 2.0 or a 2.2, or something just close, but a freaking 5.0 grade?

My classmates were also all shocked and doubtful. They all knew I got a wrong grade.

I couldn't explain what i felt, I was just SAD. Who wouldn't be sad if you get a 5.0 when you know you don't deserve it? I was determined to confront Sir Poca and ask him about my grade. Even Ms. Bren was concerned with my grade. She checked the records of Sir Poca, and asked me if I miss any requirements, because there's a box there where I got a 5.0, but she doesn't know what it is for. She told me that my final grade is 4.4(or something) so Sir Poca just reported 5.0, it's a standard. She told me to talk to Sir Poca, everyone told me to talk to Sir Poca.

Good thing Sir Poca arrived early. Some speculated he's gonna arrive at 1pm, because he was doing his show, and it was still 9am(or was that 10?). I approached him, told him that I passed all the requirements, that I was always present, that I got 35 out of 50 in the final exam, that I got 2.5 in the midterm grade, and all. He searched something in his drawer, then he said it was a wrong input. He told me to constantly remind him about it. I got hope. I know where I stand, so I'm gonna fight for it. This grade should be corrected as soon as possible, because I'm aiming to be a DL, again. I hope this will turn out right. I pray.

I think I was able to burst it out, now. Huh!!! Why are problems coming my way?! Arghh!

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