Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Fantasy into Reality

[May 26-27, 2010 | Sunset Boulevard | Dapitan City]

My Mama promised me that we'll have a trip to Dapitan City this summer. Sis Ira had doubts about that promise, but luckily, Mama made that promise into a reality. Unfortunately, for Sis Ira, she was out of the picture, because she spent her vacation in my aunt's place.

The main target on our trip was FANTASYLAND. I had dreams of going to Dakak, but Mama felt pity for Sis Ira, so we just went to Fantasyland, and promised that we'll go to Dakak this Christmas. Fantasyland is ASTONISHING! Words can't describe the euphoria that engulfed us during our stroll and rides there. We didn't have photos during the rides, because cameras were not allowed inside the rides, but we still took photos in the Fantasyland.
Welcome to Fantasyland!

My first ever bull ride

Caught on camera!

The most horrific horror house, I can still hear the screams

Look how wet my Mama was after taking the Fight Shark ride

This is one scary ride, goosebumps!

With the lovely fairies

with the funny animals and dwarfs

Sunset Boulevard, the beach in front of the pension house we stayed in

while going home

THIS IS FUN. ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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