Friday, June 11, 2010

The Ball Pen

[May 20, 2010]

The loathe I am holding against my brother has been in me since the day... ugh, the day I started abhorring him (which is like, 15 years ago). He is the brother anybody would never want. Sis Ira and me have long been holding this grudge against him. I even hate him for I cannot seem to revenge him. Whenever I react or do something to anger him, they don't work. He has his own way of turning them sarcastic.

As I am writing this now (in my notebook), I am using his ball pen or what he claims to be his. He said it's his art pen. I am using this with no intention of vengeance at all. What seems to be my calm gesture of using this pen is a big pain for him. He has asked me the pen, but I refuse to hand it to him and just persisted on writing. Now, he is so angry. Drawing is his only solace in this boring place. Without his art pen, his boredom has grown more. He can't do something to take this pen away from me. Haha, at last, I made him angry; I have took my little vengeance. This feels good. I shall write more. *smirks*

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