Friday, June 11, 2010


[May 18, 2010]

Ok, I have had enough. I lost 1kg, but now, I gained 2, T-W-O kg. I mean, I have been doing my exhausting exercises, but geez, I can't resist the parties everywhere. The FOOD are driving me crazy.

Eff more, because my ankle got blistered. It never hurt this bad, it's just worse than the blisters I ever had. It's the worst blister of all time. It suddenly aches, I can't even walk well. Damn! Because of this friggin' blister, I can't take my leveled-up hike.

My bowel movement is acting at its worst. I cannot defecate. I have drank 3 glasses of fresh milk, 2 bottles of Yakult, 2 glasses of water with drops of Blue Miracle, ate huge amounts of veggies, ate durian and pineapple, but only released an unsatisfying amount of human dung.

These factors are the reasons why I've gained weight. Mehn! I will just avoid the weighing scale, I can't be saddened by my weight. I shall just focus on my health. I shall be healthy.

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