Friday, June 11, 2010

The Letters

[May 20, 2010]

I haven't started writing the letters, yet. I don't know how to start them. I even have doubts if I'll do this plan. Shall I solve this problem and hope to end the pain or just act like normal, because my action might just cause pain to my mom's slowly healing heart? I have thought of this, because we're all acting cool, now. I know there's still pain somewhere, but my mom just laughs them out.

When I unintentionally went into the Drafts of Mama's phone, I saw a message. I read the message for I was curios. It was a religious message, but it has a personal note on the last part. That message was for Papa. The message was heart-touching. I even cried after reading the message. The message moved me. With that, I shall write the letters. God, help me.

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