Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Sis Ira and I have been sacrificing little things for the Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers is the most important team of all time for the two of us. Nothing compares to them. They are part of our life. Every time they lose this NBA Finals, we do some sacrifices until they win again. Sis Ira won't surf the net every time they lose, but I have to, for my updates with our crazy school schedule. What I sacrificed for Lakers may be called little, but it's not little for me. I sacrificed BIG BANG for Lakers. I usually keep myself updated with some Big Bang news, but I forced myself not to open any BIGBANG-related sites for my sacrifice every time they lose.

Today, they won Game 6, leading by 22 points. I was elated and thankful to God. Game 7 is Judgement Day, but I believe that Lakers will win. All we can do for the Lakers is to pray, believe, visualize, and think positively, no doubt. The Lakers' victory is like finding the one and only sweet candy in a bowl of spicy chilies.

So help us GOD...

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