Monday, October 12, 2009


stupid tonight~

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Admit it, who doesn't love food?
I'm one of the billions of people who absolutely adore food. For that reason, I am FAT. It's is a major obvious that I am.

I'm the GIRL with the half-wet shirt. If you compare me to the other girl, who is my sister, and to the other GIRL, who is my niece, we have a strong evidence that I'm chubby. I am emphasizing the word GIRL, because the one in the middle is NOT a girl.

I love being fat. I do not even like to be thin. It's like I worked hard for these fats to build up, that I find it sad to make them go away. I do not get hurt by all the labels people tease, from the word fat, itself, to PIG, elephant, and all those huge/fat animals. Sometimes, I do get hurt when I was younger, but they're real. I may not be a pig in a literal sense, but I really am, because I'm fat. That is why I don't mind them, since they are true.

I am BORN fat. I grew up fat. Since I was a kid, people have been telling me to reduce. Up until now, I haven't taken their suggestions. They have bribed me, specially my father. Their bribery doesn't seem to work on my fat sorry ass.

Now, I'm in my another life's turning point. Should I reduce weight or should I not? I know I should reduce weight, but it's easier said than done. The reasons why I'm taking a right path on this is because of health risks. It's not because I grew tired of all the criticisms people punch right into my face or because I want all the boys to come running after me, drooling. NO! DAMN! That would be suicidal. Down right scary!

Others may say the reasons are BOYS. They thought that boys are the reasons why, because they knew that some boys say, "Mars is pretty, but she's fat", "If only Mars is not fat, I would court her". Yes, they told me that in an IN-YOUR-FACE manner! To clear this one, HELL NO, boys are so out of the way. HEALTH RISKS are the reasons why, I don't want to die early.

It's really funny how contradicting my relatives and friends are with regards to my physical state. My relatives want me to reduce weight, to reduce my health risk, and so am I. My friends, on the other hand, do not want me to reduce weight. They want me to stay as I am, they have a belief that once I get slim, I'll get all their boys. They say that I am so beautiful, and they are thankful that I'm fat, because if I weren't, all the boys' eyes would stare at me. They got a good tongue in uplifting my spirit. It's their belief, but I don't believe in it.

What am I gonna do, now? It's so hard. And even though I choose to reduce weight, I surely know that I can't, as what I stated, it's easier said than done.

I shall reduce weight, and God, help me accomplish this difficult-to-achieve task. I don't want to be so thin, just a slight change, a little healthier body enough to avoid health risks.

Who wants to eat? Midnight snacks, anyone?

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