Monday, August 24, 2009

DUSK be unique for the most part...the book's title is twilight...and i know millions have titled their blogs as twilight...dusk is the darker stage of twilight...
uhuhm...i just want to shout out loud...i mean, "say it! out loud, say it!"....
I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!! the whole package(i'm just saying this referring to the book, and because of edward)!!!!!!!
I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!...i'm looking forward for new moon's movie...
and oh, i don't think it's really something to be proud about, but, the Filipino vampire(i didn't even know that we had one) called Danag, is mentioned in the book..but seriously, i'm proud of it..

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Nov 30, '08 10:26 AM

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