Monday, August 24, 2009

disappointed..ISIS, ARIS, watever!!

i studied in the University of San Carlos because i thought this was the best school in Cebu....but i was totally disappointed...they destroyed my good expectations about them....they ruined my dream...they have not served the students well and the parents as well...they crossed the smiles of the sem break....our happy faces are now shattered into pieces, i thought we should turn our frown upside down.....why so serious?..let's put a smile on that tell me....tell me USC,, how can we smile and laugh in this time of life? made our life miserable...our college life!!! arggghhhh!!!!! am so tired, i've been there and done that, and those, and these, and this...but what?....what now?.....
october 25, 2008...i went to school to enrol myself of course, but actually, we were supposed to go october 23, 2008 because that was really the schedule, but guess what?...the Political Science Department was, CLOSED!!!!!!!!!! but it was fine with me, no problem with problem is, i am still not enrolled for the second semester!!!!! can you believe that?...and so, today, november 4, i went there again hoping to enrol myself...i arrived at the department at 7+...i waited because its service hour opens at 8:00 but you know what time it opened? opened at 8:20!!!!!'s breaking my cranium!!!!! and so, i entered the department with bianca, she asked ma'am myrnz about our registration form but it's still not done!!!! because the system is's getting into my nerves!!!!!
my heart!!!!! my heart!!!! am gonna get a heart attack!!!!!!! i mean, what the hell!!!!
if there's an angriest video gamer nerd, then i'd be the angriest 2nd sem enroller NERD!!!
i'm going nerd in this f***ing thing!!!!!! this is horse sh*t!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!
now, i can't think well, i'm so half-witted!! so feebleminded!!!!! arrgghhhhh!!!!!! it's destroying my sanity!!!! waaahh!!!!!!

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