Tuesday, August 25, 2009

then you'd better find a man who'd fit

i have found a huge number of people criticizing robert pattinson from "he's not totally the edward cullen i was thinking about" to "i think robert pattinson had an accident when he was a child, his face got stepped by a horse shoe"(yah, that was the freaking idea my brother told me, and i hated it so much i would burn his butt)....but whatever their rants are, they can't do anything about it, the movie is irrevocable. the movie has been made and they can't alter it anymore. as if they could get another edward cullen for the next three movies(haha, dream on, suckers!). why can't they just accept the truth?.. i was even asked what happened to my DEFINITION OF HANDSOME by my sister (we have the same definition of beauty by the way,and i think i should be the one asking her that question). They just don't know how to appreciate beauty. Good thing Robert Pattinson is so masochistic, behind all the obnoxious illusory evaluation brought about by nothing-good-to-say-who-should-better-shut-up people, he still have that tenacious atmosphere.

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