Tuesday, August 25, 2009

out of many, four

-my baby crocky, now my baby monkey
-my baby skinny
-my, i mean, our(chrisia) uppa
-my uno
but if my 360-degree vision can't track and detect uno,
i'll stop....perhaps you fall on my blind spot..hhmmm, just like neji's ability...
uno, kuriwa or guriwa, watever, koreans have many letters in common,
like l and r, t and d, etc....i can't understand hangul..
i miss you uno, but this will soon end...farewell now my beloved...
your monotonous voice i won't hear...though it's boring, my ears crave its sound...

and soon, these three will remain....

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Jan 13, '09 9:10 AM

-- e pluribus unum

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