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Confessions of a Los Angeles Lakers Lover

First off, I will inform you in advance that this post doesn't contain any stuff that happened during the game. This is not a report or something that goes close with it. This post is also not the best I've got in my mind, just bursting my happiness. This is about my emotions about Lakers. My sincerest apologies for those who cannot capture the true meaning of this post. You may think you are not supposed to be reading this, feel out-of-place, think I'm crazy, or may not pursue reading this, but just bear with me. I know that you can relate it to other things that bring significance to your life, to other things that you, yourself, consider so important, or you consider your LIFE itself.

Now, let me start with the history. The beginning of my addiction for Lakers.
It was when I was in Grade 3 or 4 (God! why can't I remember when? oh, alright).
My father and older brother/uncle were watching an NBA game, so we also watched with them. The teams playing were Lakers, and again, God help me, I cannot remember who their rival was. It was the first time I saw Lakers play (as I remember it), but I knew in my heart, I loved them since that.

It was not like I'm so overly addicted to them, that I want to watch their every game, and know their standings, and memorize all the players and their corresponding numbers, but honestly, I kind of did the memorizing of the players' name and their numbers (lol). That's being an expert of Lakers, I love them, and that's just it, not being an expert. I also felt within me that my favorite players are Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. I just stopped treating O'Neal as my favorite when he left Lakers. You know, he's no longer a member of Lakers. There was also a game where Lakers' opponent was Sacramento Kings, when Lakers lost the game, I cried, that was the first time I cried for Lakers.

And so, life continued, I supported them. Prayed that they'll always win, but they won't always win, they're not a perfect team. When they haven't been winning the finals champion, I hated every team that defeats them, that gets in their way for becoming the champion. I hated Spurs, but I love them so much now, they're my 2nd favorite. I hated Detroit Pistons, and still don't like them, but my love for Lakers remains, and my faith in God shines.

Until, on December 25, 2006 ( I suppose, or was that 2005?), I lost my faith in God, for a minute only, and regained it after a minute. It was such a special game for me. Los Angeles Lakers against Miami Heat (Shaq's team at that time). The game was tough, but I prayed so hard, believed that they will win. I was even holding a rosary, and was always taking a glimpse of the Jesus by the Sea cross-stitch frame in our house. At the end, they lost the game. At that moment, I got angry at God. I was asking Him why He didn't let the Lakers win. Why, of all, the only one who knows how much Lakers mean to me, didn't grant my prayers. I was so hurt, I just lost my faith, I even cried so much for the Lakers. And it was then that I realized I was wrong. I asked myself why I hated Him for that. It was no big deal, frankly, it was, for me, but to hate God because they lost the game? I was pathetic. After dropping my faith on the ground, I picked it up, and placed it in my heart, locked it in, so that it won't fall again. I cried so hard even more, I was so guilty for doing such a horrific action. I asked God's forgiveness. He may not answer me, but I know I was forgiven. He has unconditional love, you know. See, that's how much Lakers occupies my brain and heart. I even get into trouble (a bit) for them, when my friends say negative things about them, I would fight for them. It was all for them. Don't get me wrong, one might think Lakers is a bad influence, that they pushed me to hate God and to get into trouble for them. It's not like that. My brain was just clouded by the dark beings that moment. How guilty I was. Hate God in Jesus' birthday? huh!!!! I kept beating myself, but I'm so faithful now.

And so, life continued. Kept my support and love in tact for them. Last year, Boston Celtics was their rival. I kept praying for them to win, but I told God, that even if Lakers will lose, I will still believe in Him. I was prepared that they're going to lose. It will hurt me, but I will take it. I just felt that it was not their time. Even if I sensed that they were not going to be the champion, when Celtics won, I hated them. I hated them so much, until now.

When the 2008-2009 season started, it was like God assured me that Lakers' time is now. Lakers was always winning. So many wins, so little loses. They were so good. I was admiring them more. I had the sense that they're going to be the 2009 NBA champion, I just got it in me.

When Lakers faced Celtics again, I prayed so much that Lakers will win. God granted me the prayer. For me, it was revenge, vengeance for what the Celtics did to them. I was happy.
Then suddenly, Cleveland Cavaliers became so good, I was afraid of them, scared that they'll be the one who will beat LA. When they faced each other, God was with me. He made me happy again, as always.

So playoffs started, it was easy at first, then they had a hard time, but they made it. I was thinking that their rival in the finals will either be Celtics or Cavaliers, and shocked at the fact that Celtics didn't make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. I was even more shocked when Cleveland didn't make it to the finals. Magic works for ORLANDO MAGIC. I was so scared of Orlando because Lakers did not win during their two games in the regular season.

So, for the finals, Lakers against Orlando. Every game I'd pray and I'd cry (in secret) for Lakers. I'd wake up early just to watch the game live. When they're having a hard time, I won't watch, it hurts me, I'd just check nba.com. I just watch the replay at night, when I'm sure that they will win.

I would cry secretly at night when I talk to God, when I ask God for them to win. Sometimes, I talk to God, that maybe God is not on the Lakers' side, maybe He's in Orlando's, but I still believe. Sometimes, I tell God and assure Him that I still believe in Him, but slowly fading on Lakers. Then I realize, I still believe in Lakers, and forever I will.

Game 5 is such a crucial stage, Lakers leads 3-1, one more win to go, and they will be crowned in their pedestal as the 2009 NBA CHAMPION. But I was sad, because it's the start of our class, I can't watch the game live. I was in school today, but I told my sister that she should message me for whatever the result is, so she kept giving me updates. Then I received her message declaring they won. I was ecstatic. I was jumping with joy and gladness. I was shouting. I don't care if many people saw me and thought I was weird, as long as I'm happy and I was able to express it. I thanked God, and still thanking Him until now. I'm so grateful. He made me happy, He made team Lakers happy, He made the Lakers Nation happy. Lakers made me happy. As I was riding a van going home, I was praying to God, thanking Him, I could cry that moment, but I shouldn't. So I went to the church and prayed again. Now, I'm typing here, writing this blog of my love for them.

Their championship needs a celebration, tomorrow we'll celebrate (my sister also loves Lakers so much, as much as I do). It's supposed to be today, but some problems arose. Tomorrow, it'll be a celebration for the the Lakers' victory. A celebration consisting of, literally, only two people who love Lakers so much, but figuratively, all Lakers lovers out there. For the LAKERS! Cheers!

I LOVE THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of our love for Lakers, my sister and I decided to create an organization or foundation, its name would be Purple and Gold, since the team's color is Purple and Gold. Help people; eradicate poverty and starvation.

To be able to watch a Lakers game, just even once, in Staples center, and Kobe is playing. My sister and I want this soon, because Kobe might stop his basketball career, we want to watch Kobe play in Lakers, in Staples center. We hadn't thought of this, I mean, we always have thought of watching Lakers play in Staples center in real life, but it never was a problem if Kobe might be playing there or not when that moment comes. Just last week, we thought of this, we got so scared. This dream might come true, but what if Kobe is retired already? It'll be so tragic.
Watching Lakers play in Staples center may come true, but it'll come true, maybe 10 or 20 years from now, when we earn for ourselves. After 10 years, will Kobe still be playing? It's like an impossible dream, we need help. Earning money is hard, it's not like we can just ask money from our parents, it's a hell lot of money that we need just to go to U.S.A., to buy a ticket in Staples center, a ticket may cost 30,000 pesos. That's just for the ticket in Staples Center, how much more for the airplane ticket going to U.S.A.? And our pocket money? For our food and place? We're not rich, we don't have enough money for that dream to pursue, but we need it now, now that Kobe is still playing, he won't retire yet next season, right? To dream an impossible dream, hmmmmm..how sorrowful. Money is all we need. Bunch of money for this dream to come true. In this situation, I say money can buy happiness.

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