Tuesday, August 25, 2009

so close, yet so far

*mode: street (smarts) talk*

Kobe Bryant's gonn' be in Manila this 21st of july.
bad news is (yah know what, juz tell me yah do), am in Cebu.
Kobe's so close now, 'tis d second time he's so close, but still, very far.
Cebu to Manila, vice versa? I have classes, aryt? I dunn wanna miss classes.
mah fellahz know dat.
if I decided to go there, and miss class, i can't still see him, niggah.
yah know why? cuz tickets were given on d freakin' 18th of july. damn!
if only i knew this earlier. i just knew this last week. no time left to prepare. effin' eff!
why, oh, why? am i not really destined to meet kobe? oh, tell me, positively.
i am destined to meet kobe, but 'tis not d right time. right?
i have to wait. errr. patience is a virtue. right!!

ah know, my dream will come true, coz this ain't my exact dream.
God, yahr brilliant! and i am, cuz i get it now, that's why! hhmm..gawd!

still waitin' and prayin'..keep lovin'!

cheeyah niggahz!



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