Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the VIP effect

a vow has been created.
THE FIRST and THE LAST visit to bianca's place.

bianca and crixa, you know the story. and soon, the story will diffuse.

but atche, please don't be anxious about it, the vow may be broken, i usually break the rules.
we'll go back there when there will be no more drunken monkeys hanging around.
sorry for the insolent words atche, if that's what i think they are, that's what i'll say they are.
you know my words, and my mouth. as what i always say,
i have a metaphorically humongous mouth.

we had fun, though.
we're grateful for the food. especially the chocolate, our supper.

happy 17th birthday biancee tehankee!!!!!

**crixa, dumating na nga ang delubyo...tama ang ating mga prediksyon sa ika 28 na araw ng pebrero..hindi nga tayo nagkamali..nakakatakot at nakaka "trauma" na mga eksena at sitwasyon..sobra na!!!!

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