Monday, August 24, 2009

a simple victory

i guess you know my enrolment experience, and it was not just my experience, it was also the experience of some of my close friends and classmates...
but yesterday, we obtained our simple victory, at last..

we stumbled and fell, stood up, and once more..we kept on fighting for our desire ,but an invisible thread or maybe a huge chain, keeps on dragging us towards the doomed darkness, towards the point of no return, but our gumption is much much stronger and tougher than the gigantic chain...and we reached the top, the peak, the zenith of the mountain, which way was full of hazards. it was like a stem of rose, full of thorns, but at the end, you'll see the magnificent flower blooming, it's sublime scent that diffuses to the cold breeze.

the summary of my story is, we are now enrolled...and i'm so happy, i gratify the Lord God above, perhaps it was a test of faith, and i passed the test...WE did.

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Nov 7, '08 11:03 PM

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