Monday, August 24, 2009

nostalgic song....

this dismissal, i was very busy running, like i was a real pro, but it was definitely not a marathon game, it was all about the PHOTOCOPY madness....well, tonight might be a very hectic night ,for we have so much to accomplish for tomorrow, not assignments, but, tests, long tests i tell you....okay....and so, i got this 7 habits watsoever photocopied,and after that, i passed by a store(i was running) which burns cd's...(u know wat i mean by saying burn)...and i hear this very nostalgic melody, and puff!!! it was the song, RIGHT HERE WAITING....mehn, i cried for this song during summer....and i told my friend bianca that i would never wanna hear this song again...for those who know why this song is so heart-wrecking, i know u'd understand me....yup...and that's it....hhmmm....but i already recovered from that summer romance....and though i have so much to do toninght, i still posted this blog, coz, i don't really care bout tomorrow(uhm, i do care ,but i'm not that worried),as long as tomorrow will always come, and we'll all be safe with God's hands...nahaha.....geez....i am so religious, am proud of this thing....*stretching, rotating my neck, so exhausted, longs to lay down and fall in an abysmal slumber,yawning*...

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