Tuesday, August 25, 2009

prone to accident

damn!!! this one motor vehicle won't leave me for dead.
as if the game, LEFT FOR DEAD.
i'm gonna freaking die this summer.
God, please don't take my life yet.
You can, actually, but not this way, not by an accident.
I already had TWO motor accidents.
Yeah, TWO!!!!
Trauma is wrapping me. It's so dark, I can't see.
Not bragging, but I drive well, and I AM NOT THE ONE DRIVING DURING THE ACCIDENT.
I was at the back, riding, alright.
I got bruises, wounds, lacerations, cuts, and stuff.
I can't even walk well. But I'm fine now. BUT still traumatic.
Since the second accident, I never dared try to drive again.
Just riding at the back, which is not really safe for me, the same situation, the same happening.
More details next blog. Dates will be given, and locations.
This is FREAKISH!!!!!

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Apr 27, '09 4:00 AM

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