Tuesday, August 25, 2009

together, we can make a difference

people, i want to remind you about the EARTH HOUR.
it will be on March 28, 2009.
8:30 pm.
for one hour, switch off your lights, and all the appliances in your homes that consume electricity...(i think they all do..waha.)
or , you can just switch off your main power...haha, that will be better.

honestly, i want to have this done at least every month...that would really help, a LOT!
i even want the main power of our cities to be switched off, if people won't cooperate, then they would have no choice..but that would be evil...
actually, i think, it's possible without the evil label...
remember new year?...every, i suppose, 1 am of january 1, almost all of cebu's lights are turned off...no need for the consent of the people, it was done, like a black out or something.
the people have no choice, it was done so that the fireworks would be appreciated...
imagine, a whole city lighting their fire works, and the whole city is dark..it's so beautiful to look at...especially us, who live in lapu2x city, just in front of cebu..very nice. after cebu's kinda black out, lapu2x's lights went out. so astounding, really.

again, EARTH HOUR..please cooperate...
this is for our planet.

*i won't stop....i'll be nagging YOU.

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Mar 15, '09 9:13 AM

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