Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kobe Bryant's 31st Birthday

Today's Date: August 23, 2009
Kobe Bryant's Birthdate: August 23, 1978

As time flew by so fast, August also did. When the first day of August rushed in, it hit me strong, since its 23rd day is Kobe Bryant's birthday. Not only that, its 18th day is G-Dragon's birthday, the love of my life, but I won't go to the other direction and discuss about it, it may lead me astray. Pull me back, snap at me, slap my face, and hammer my head, that's better, now let's go back to what this post should be all about.
I have thought of celebrating Kobe's birthday. I knew that it wouldn't be so difficult because my sister also love Kobe so much. I have patiently waited for August 23 to come, counting each day, mentioned it on twitter, plurk, facebook, and to wherever my twitter and plurk are conncected. Even my friends know about it, my humongously huge mouth has been blabbing about it. I even told them about the I'm-gonna-treat-you-on-KB's-birthday thing, but afterward I told them I can't because I have no enough money, but I'll still try to. And so enough about that baloney. When Kobe's birthday went closer, I seem to forget about it.
Today's Sunday, right? So let me tell my experience 2 days before Kobe's birthday. On Friday, I attended my friend's 18th birthday celebration (a pool cocktail party) and slept in my friend's grandmother's house, that's where we celebrated it. I came home on Saturday morning, and I slept almost the whole day, because of exhaustion, please be informed that I wasn't really able to sleep in my friend's grandmother's house. In the evening of Saturday, I slept at around 12 midnight to attend the 8am mass which I wasn't able to attend. On Sunday morning, my phone's alarm was ringing, and alas, it was stating and reminding me that today is Kobe Bryant's birthday. I felt guilty about it. How I longed for this day to come, yet I forgot when it was 2 days closer. I felt happy, though, at last, this anticipated day came. When I got up, I immediately told my sitster, "Happy Birthday Kobe Bryant". She greeted me with pure glee, too. Then we planned what to eat, from Jollibee (which I hastily rejected), to pizzas, cakes, ice cream, etc... What surprised us so much was when our yaya arrived bringing two boxes of pizza. It was absolutely touching. In the night, my sister and yaya bought ice cream, sponsored by my mother. They partcicipated in celebrating Kobe's birthday, I was happy not only because not a cent did I spend on it, but because they also celebrated with us. It was unbelievably poignant of them to do so. We didn't asked for this, but they gave this to us like a gift, an unexpected gift. I really hope Kobe Bryant would know about this whole stuff. We're only your fans Kobe, you don't know anything about us, you don't know about our existence, you know nothing of our love for you, but we hope and pray that someday, maybe someday, you will. Kobe, we may not be your number 1 fans, but in the abyss of our hearts, you're number 1.


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