Tuesday, August 25, 2009

making pancakes and mango shake

no..don't get me wrong here ladies and not ladies, i'm not referring to
our exercise 3 (Making Pancakes) in chapter 4 in our CS( ahyeeh..bianca).
Let's say we, the ACAFEELERS made a list of our "hectic and euphoric schedule",
and one of the list( like Sokka's) was BAKING!!! yeah baby!!!
we did it on crixa's crib, sure sure, like all the cooking materials are there,
where else could we go?..
oh, i won't give the details, of course, we captured the moment.
just waiting for christine to do the uploading job ...ahaha...
( bianca: my job is loving akanichi jin... crixa: my b**wjob is being with akanichi jin..
sorry crish, can't prevent my fingers from typing...)

a short story:
Crixa was slicing some mangoes into the blender and she squeezed the mango
to produce its juice, it was disgusting, honestly, so bianca said,
"kung luod ko, mas luod si crixa". After uttering those words, she sipped
her glass of mango shake then a bllkkbbllukk sound diffused into the
somehow silent room
(frankly,the room really was filled with a very eardrums-breaking and deaf-causing noise).
The mango shake got into her nose. haha.
**i told you it was a short story**

another bianca evil manhid very short story:
we were wondering why the youngest sister of crixa was always laughing, and
bianca was, too... it was because bianca put a small piece of hotcake into each of
crixa and kristine's glass of mango shake...how evil! but kristine found out and told us
about it, bianca didn't plead guilty of her crime..but when we were going home,
she told me the whole truth and nothing but the truth..
and "the truth shall piss u off"..i've read this somewhere.
**i told you it was a very short story**

ahh...i know i forgot something, but as i have said, i won't give the details, SLOTH..
to synthesize it, it was FUN FUN FUN.

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