Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Binay Encounter [with intrams opening inserts]

We had Good Governance Forum today, at the Cafa Theater, 1pm, and guess who the speaker was(without reading the title)? Obviously, the guest speaker was Honorable Jejomar C. Binay, the Mayor of Makati City.

Let me narrate first, why, in the first place, we were there. Supposedly, we're going to have our POSC 110 Midterm Exam on Friday, last week, but it was declared as non-working holiday for it was the day of the death of Ninoy Aquino. Sir Poca told us that even if it'll be a holiday, he'll still conduct the exam, and have us scheduled for that day. He even told us to bring whatever is necessary just for us to be allowed to enter the school. Amazingly (and thank you God), we won't have the exam. We will write an academic paper instead, which will serve as our midterm exam, about the forum of Mayor Binay. We were elated, I mean, who wouldn't be?

This morning, we were all complaining why we're going to attend this forum and everything. It was a hassle, since the opening of the intramural week was held in the morning, and our much anticipated cheer dance, which, I must comment, wasn't satisfactory. --

[To add with that, we had a bad hair day today, we went early to the gym to be able to sit properly and see properly, as well. Guess what? Some girls were blocking our sight. They were standing in front of us. We told them to sit down, some of them were obedient, but there were three f*cking girls who were stubbornly hard-headed. I really want to quarrel with them, and beat them up, but I would make a freaking scene. So I just let them pass, good thing the presentation wasn't great than that of last year. I even regret that I woke up early, and had my blood boil with the ugly, ill-mannered, poor, cheap girls (sorry God).]

--The forum was also held in TC, and we were in Main. We still had to eat lunch, then travel to TC. The jeepneys were out, and they were all full. We had to ride a taxi, and there was heavy traffic, which was really incredulous, because usually, there's no traffic in that time. And then the mini-van just one vehicle before us got broken, another traffic, and addition in the meter fare. A very bad hair day, again.

The Binay encounter. I won't narrate the whole forum, but I would like to share where JEJOMAR derived his name from. It's from JEsus, JOseph, MARy. Isn't it unbelievably awesome? I was also taking pictures of Binay, and they were dark, my phone's camera is a bad cheetah. After the forum, we were allowed to take pictures with Binay, and so I ran to the stage and grabbed the opportunity. I don't even know who took the pictures, but I'm going to find out, soon.

[Insert: FREAKISH! Sir Poca required us academic paper, right? And it's supposed to be passed after the intramural week, but he told us this afternoon that it'll be passed immediately after the forum. It was shocking. I thought our classmates were kidding, but they weren't. Sir Poca, himself, stated it. It is because the submission of grades will be on 29, and if we'll not submit today, we'll have a grade of 5.0, also because he won't be around the whole week, he said he'll be in another country, but i don't know if he's kidding or not. He's Sir Poca. It's not an academic paper anymore, it's just a reaction paper containing at least 500 words. But I jumped out of the page. I filled the whole yellow paper, back to back. I had so much reaction in mind. I'm reactive. I have noticed lately that I write too much, and too long. Perhaps the effect of blogging hiatus.]

Binay is great. I just say he's great. I don't care if what he's doing is a premature campaign, it undoubtedly is, but he's great. He's a great Mayor of Makati, and he'll be a great president(or other higher ranks than a mayor)of the Philippines, if we give him a chance to do so.

God bless America, cross that, change that to PHILIPPINES!

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