Tuesday, August 25, 2009

nailed it!

Earth Hour 2009 is at last over, done, and achieved.
It feels so great that I have participated in this wondrous event. I would like to gratify people who cooperated in Earth Hour, and for those who did not, you'd better next year, beware...
Just kidding guys, Earth Hour would not compel people to switch off their lights. Frankly, I really would want them too, so that, literally, the whole world will shift into darkness. I even want people to turn off their appliances and all, not just light switches. I'm like a tyrannical human being (but not that harsh) who only want betterment for the world. Like I said in my previous blogs, I want the main power of the cities to be switched off.
I call the people who did not cooperate as "outlanders", because it seems like they don't love the world they're in. This is Earth, our home, where else could we go if this Earth will be destroyed? To Mars? To where that exactly resembles Earth?
This is our own actions that cause global warming, so we need to take action to at least somehow lessen it, to lessen the burden that the Earth has been carrying. Ooh..getting too melodramatic here. Uhm, so please outlanders, next Earth Hour, just switch off your lights, it's not that hard to do.

I'm so proud because the Philippines has the largest number of participating cities in Earth Hour. We're number 1! We rock hard! We're so good! Yeah!

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