Monday, August 24, 2009

my NEWEST crush(unexpected)

i so so so have millions of crushes....but this new crush is so not my type...well, it's not like i have requirements, it's just that my only korean crush is lee dong wook..that's from 3rd yr hs and i never got a korean crush ever again.....and so, it's sembreak, MOVIE MARATHON baby!!!!!! and my sister happened to borrow a dvd full of korean films from her we watched the movies of course...MY TUTOR FRIEND 2....yup, the guy in that movie is so like my new crush ....gosh!!!!he is so JUNK-MAN(that's what the girl calls him though his name in the moivie is JONG-MAN)....i wish i was the girl in that movie..she's so lucky..and i'm so unfortunate...i still don't know his real name but i'm gonna know that...ahahahhaa.....hhhhhmmmm.....hey, i even started to hate koreans because they're invading our territory... but , *sighs* JUNK-MAN, i love you!!!!! (dangsinul saranghee yo!!!)

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Oct 12, '08 7:43 AM

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