Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i don't have a dream catcher

february 21, 2009.

my soul entered my body again after it's travel in the realm of the unseen.
i wasn't dead again...i've come back to life... a heaven reborn?...
no, not that card, but a monster reborn..that was drawn.

i stood up from the bed that doesn't seem to let me up...
it has a magnetic force that keeps on pulling me like a metal.
a warp hole. but i fought hard. i wanted to stay in bed.
but i felt obliged to stand my body up, though my cerebrum won't allow me.

i watched myself move as a speck of white light somehow flickered in my right eye.
my reflection in the mirror wasn't the most beautiful of them all(duh!!! i just woke up).
and i noticed that my eyes were swollen...damn big swollen!!!
and mota were on my lashes.
i was confused, it was like i was crying the whole night..
but i swear i wasn't.

my theory.
i had a very bad, evil dream, or nightmare, that's more appropriate.
in my nightmare, perhaps i was crying, and while i was sleeping, i was too,
without being aware of it. that made my eyes swollen and my mota scattered on my eye lashes.

i couldn't even remember a thing in my nightmare.
GOD must not want me to know about my dream...
it was too evil to comprehend. too devastating to think about.

**what the hell is the english translation of mota?
mota is also a spanish word which means speck; dot; tiny bit...chuva more.

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