Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SERIOUS: the return of the comeback. wahah!! LOLS!

I haven't been composing blogs for quite a while. Seems that my head ran out if its river of thoughts. Is it because of the summer season, and it's so hot (or my own hotness. lol), my mind's dehydrated that it dried up? Or some other reasons and factors that may have disrupted the normal function of my abnormal brain? Sometimes, thoughts just keep flowing, they keep pouring from only-God-knows-where, random stuff just pop out, and sometimes they explode, though I do not intend to detonate them. When I feel prepared to type them down, they escape me, they leave me with nothing but strayed pebbles. I don't want to pick them up one by one and see if something's enscripted on them that I can still make use of, so I just drift away. Now that I insisted on licking and sniffing the remnants, I reminisce the thoughts that, not just once, but few times, abandoned me. I present them to you.

" There's nothing left of me, but pray. I can only pray. I can only believe."
--That was when Lakers had a hard time playing againts Houston Rockets.
Playoffs Second Round. Good thing, now, the Lakers is fighting for the championship. I hope Lakers will be the champion.

" My father doesn't seem to adhere upon this belief."
--I plurked this line. It's about the story that snakes shelter in our house. That they were the pets of my grandmother and they still live there. Unseen, cause they're in the underground.
But I do not really know what's real and what's not.

" I could just break down that moment."
--That was after my mother and I had the motor accident. I could just collapse emotionally that time, but I fought it, and collapsed physically instead. I'm fine now.

"There are three things I'm so scared of right now. 1. The rain. 2. The Lightning. 3. Another motor accident."
--That was when my brother and I was riding a motor ( we don't know who the driver was) going home, from our cousins'. It was raining, I was afraid my phones and the camera might get wet. Afraid of the lightning, it might struck us, fry us, and end our life. Lastly, the trauma of having another motor accident. I don't know how long this trauma will last, but I sure hope it'll be gone soon now.

"But I am home."
--This is when I'm in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur ( my home) and my Cebu brain is quarrelling with my Molave brain. Cebu brain keeps insisting to Molave brain that I'm not home, but I say, I am home.

Hhhmm..Few I am not able to bring back. Soon they'll come, or perhaps not. Tidbits only, but they satisfy me, at least.

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