Monday, November 02, 2009

the DOWN syndrome

It may not be too obvious, and I'm not wearing my heart on my sleeve, but I am crazily addicted to Jay Sean's Down featuring Lil Wayne. I'm a fan of Lil Wayne because he is a fan of Lakers, and he made a Kobe Bryant song.

Jay Sean's DOWN feat. Lil Wayne is considered as a medication by my sister and I. We need a daily dose of it or else we'd be acting highly under pressure and needs to be locked up in a cage-like total institution.

As always, my sister and I have the same addiction, except for Big Bang and G-Dragon. She doesn't exaggeratedly love Big Bang as much as I do, but she infatuates Tae Yang for his sexy body, like all other girls do. AND, she is NOT a VIP.

Every single day, since we started popping DOWN chill pills, we wait for its MV to be played in MTV, since it is rarely played in Channel V. Why don't the Asians favor DOWN? Jay Sean is an Indian, who grew up in UK. Huh, at least I get to see Big Bang MVs in Channel V. Going back, DOWN is a chillaxative, unless it isn't played, yet, we cannot compose ourselves, so we badly need it every day, and every day.

Yesterday, we skipped our medication, we haven't watched DOWN's MV. Apparently, we acted calm and modest, because we were distracted. I am deeply in gratitude for yesterday's distraction.

Today, we were waiting for DOWN in MTV, again. While waiting, I went to the room to wear brassiere, I just woke up. Suddenly, my sister was shouting my name, and I immediately heard DOWN's beat, she turned the speaker on to the highest volume. I was panicking and was in a hurry, I dressed up and ran down the staircase and went to the volume control.

The monster came in our front door. Rambling to turn off the volume and that he is pissed off with us for being so noisy. He was reprimanding us, but we didn't really heard him, because we were listening to DOWN. His saliva was wasted on us. The monster is our f*cking uncle. We definitely HATE him. Because he is an ill-mannered-who-always-whines-about-almost-everything, he sweats the small stuff, he blames God for every single thing, he is a crazy drunkard, he is an immoral father, an infidel husband, and all those I cannot express anymore. He is just an obnoxious, abhorrent, repugnant, despicable, loathsome, infamous person. He is a villain, an antagonist.

Wheew! I said it all. He deserves it and is worthy of my highly regarded appraisal, if you call my rants of him as one, more like a down-bringing evaluation. I don't want to bash someone and sound like a hater, but I just hate him.

Anyway, we turned the volume off a bit, but when he went away, we turned it on a bit again. I mean, hello? DOWN was playing, our daily dose of chill pills. I'd be happy if he becomes so angry at us, and his veins pop out off his head. He's the one who needs to take a daily dose of chill pills, take some chillaxative, and he'd be off to wonderland, but frankly, I want him to be off to hell. *evil laugh*

Watch *click*:
Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne - DOWN

We memorized the song, especially Lil Wayne's part.

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