Wednesday, November 04, 2009

it's your day TOP


Photo: iBigBang Fansite

I know it's a BIG too late to post this, minutes later, it'll be November 5 already, but I want to save the best for last(not even the best, maybe worst). Anyway, I greeted TOP the moment November 4 came in. A BIG too early. I did it, because I know I won't be able to tweet #happybdaytop for it to become a trending topic on twitter in the exact time. Amazingly, #happybdaytop became a trending topic in twitter for two hours.

Happy Birthday Big Boy! You are already a grown up big boy, huh? I love you so much, we all do. I hope you'll know how my girls argue over you, stating that they own you. Honestly, you own our heart. We offer you our BIG love, for the BIG BOY, from BIG BANG.

I know it's TOP's day, but I just can't resist this ever so beautiful picture of Big Bang from their Let Me Hear Your Voice photoshoot.

Photo: iBigBang Fansite

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