Saturday, November 07, 2009

letters to you, my Lakers love

I've obsessed myself to Big Bang, I seem to forget that I have Lakers. I mention Lakers in my tweets, but I haven't made a new post about them. I promised that when the 2009-2010 season starts, I will focus my attention on Lakers, but Big Bang is such an attention-grabber.

I am greatly sorry, Lakers, for having been too crazy and addicted over Big Bang, but I will divide my time. I've been praying, too, that you will win all of your games, and you do not know how much you make me elated when you win. You make me so tense and nervous every time you have a game. I badly want you to win, Lakers. You have disappointed me when you lost against Mavericks, but I know you will do better, because you are the best, and you have the best player on the planet, KOBE BRYANT.

My dream of watching a Lakers game, with Kobe playing, in Staples Center will never diminish.

Lakers, please help Sasha Vujacic, make him worthy of his name, the Machine. He has ceased his astonishing ability as a basketball player. He was such a good player. Make him very good, again.

Sasha, I love your new haircut. You are HOT! I want to always see you on the court, I want you to be focused by the camera, and I want you to play hard. I want to see your beautiful face, and smile often baby, but of course, when Kobe's on the court, I want him. I love Kobe more than any player. Do not get me wrong, all infatuations aside, I have no sexual interest breeding inside my brain for him. What I have for Kobe is pure love. I am NOT in love with him, but I love him. Be warned, though, Sasha, for I may have these sexually-inclined parasites breeding in my brain which are attracted to your hot and sexy hair.

Ron Artest, I admire your guts for having a Lakers logo on your head/hair. I have always desired to have a Lakers logo tattoo, but I do not have the nerve to face the consequences when I'll have one. You are a great player, and you have reached an old phase. Do your best, show Lakers and all the lakers lovers that you can replace what Trevor Ariza has engraved. Honestly, I want Ariza over you. I love Trevor Ariza, and it hurts me so much to think that he's not playing with Lakers anymore. I bleed every time I listen to Lil Wayne's KOBE BRYANT song, and his name is mentioned there, also in the Lakers song. I know, you are better than Ariza in all aspects, I guess, he's just young, but he has shown his full ability in Lakers, and without him, Lakers would have not been the champions. Ron Ron, prove to us that you can help Lakers in making it to the champions, again. And yes, I will blame you if they won't be the 2010 NBA world champion.

Andrew Bynum, you are the bomb! You are exploding! Keep up your ever so good work. You have returned to your originally amazing plays. You are simply amazing. You do not make waves in the court, but you are winning. You are just tremendous. Points by points, you just keep showing us that you are great. I love you.

Pau Gasol, where are you now, my baby spanish love? You better get back, because you are Kobe's partner. Lakers need you, we need you. We miss you, already, so heal now, and come back. Play hard, make your team win. I love you so much, and you are a magnificent player. Your Spanish language is like an undecipherable code to your opponents, and it helps Lakers to perform their maneuver, without your opponents idea.

Lamar Odom, I know you are a very good player, so keep playing good. I hope Khloe Kardashians' an absolute inspiration for you to play harder and do best with the Lakers. I wish that you will have a happy married life. I love you, but you wife loves you more.

Derek Fisher, keep dunking! Oh, sorry, keep shooting three points and you better get them all in. Mr. 0.04 seconds. You are a veteran, and a very great player. I have loved you, since the day I gained knowledge of Lakers. Do what you do best.

Jordan Farmar, you are fast and little(?). You can get in the way of your relatively taller and bigger opponents who are blocking you. You can escape them and make your own route towards the rim. I love you. Play hard.

Shannon Brown, you have a cute and cuddly eyes, and I love them. Your eyes are similar to the cat's eyes dubbed by Antonio Banderas in Shrek every time it shows off its cute and cuddly eyes. Do your best in Lakers.

Luke Walton, Didier Mbenga, Josh Powell, Adam Morrison, I have grouped you, but it doesn't mean I love you any less, it's just that I do not know so much about you. Powell and Mbenga, you are huge, and I hope your opponents get intimidated by your huge physique. I can see that you are working hard for the Lakers, thank you for that. Adam Morrison, you are handsomely hot. Play hard, you hot guy. Luke Walton, you're good, but be better.

Phil Jackson, you are the one of the greatest coach, or perhaps you are the greatest. It's really flabbergasting, because Lakers is the best team, who has the best player, and who is coached by the best coach. All in one. The best package, ever. I love you Phil, your mild attitude, you do not anger over silly fouls, you just stay calm and focused, you are a real coach.

Kobe, you are the BEST. No one can ever beat you. No words can explain how great you are. You are number 1. You are the chosen one. You are the only one. Get 7 rings, win all the MVPs as long as you're playing. Stay with the Lakers, do not retire, yet, I still have to accomplish my Lakers dream. You have thousand upon thousands of haters, it only means one thing, you are great. They just envy you, and they can't swallow up the reality that you are the greatest player. Though you have haters, you have million upon millions of fans and lovers. I love you so much.

Lakers, we love you, use us as your driving force to win.

I love you, and I am praying that someday, you all would say, I love you, too. :)

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