Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Funny Crime

Our final exams are way difficult than what we expected. But enough about final examinations that make my head turn 360 degrees.

We traveled our way to Ayala yesterday night after our deadly Introduction to Law examination, mainly, to meet Ninz' childhood friend, Kep Butowski, but of course, there was another reason tailing our criminal minds. For confidentiality, I will not bluntly state our funny crime, and honestly, I am feeble-minded right now, so I will stick to the fun moments. Actually, what we did is not really a crime, it is not prohibited in any law here in the Philippines. We just call it a crime, because we never delve into these acts. What we did is never stringent in any way, and is never violative of any statute.

Gilligan's attracted our hungry tummies yesterday night, so Chrisia, Grace, and I had dinner there. Star already went home, and Ninz and Kevin had their own candle-light dinner. We attacked the food presented before us, and critiqued them, especially the food critic, Chrisia. Our table was filled with laughter, and admiration, especially when the coolest grandpa sang JB's Baby, and Incubus' Drive. He made me miss my grandpa. He's like the most jamming grandpa, ever!

10 o'clock hit the counter, and we had to go back to our humble abodes. On our way to meet Ninz at the rendezvous point, the empty stage called our names. We grabbed the opportunity to take pictures on stage, asking a janitor to be our 1-minute photographer. We weren't able to track the time, and Ayala was already closed. The exits and entrances in the Terraces were all closed. We found some other way, trying to pass through Figaro and Bo's, but they, too, were closed from the inside. We were locked up inside! But we we're just laughing all our way trying to find an exit. Good thing, a janitor told us the way out.

Till the next crime again, girls!

ladies' room @ Gilligan's

the superstars on stage

Dammit! I pressed the wrong camera setting!

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