Thursday, October 21, 2010

Billy, Eat My Brain

Do you ever get a feeling of wanting to study or wanting to keep yourself busy, even though everything's done; even though you already have the leisure to relax and take a break from the daily grind? It is as if you're brain has been totally engrossed in working, that it doesn't seem to allow itself to rest. I have felt that, I always feel that. Every vacation, semestral breaks, summer vacations, or just a week break from school, I always search for a good book to read, because I do not want to feel stupid and dull during these days. I want to keep my brain functioning and storing new ideas and information.

PECULIAR. Yes, that is the word that best describes this feeling I have right now. It is peculiar, because I do not want to stress my brain up. I do not want to indulge in reading books, anymore (for this semestral break). I do not care if I end up going dull and stupid, if I don't gain new knowledge and vocabulary, I just don't. My brain is dead tired. It is all too worked up. My brain deserves a break, not just my body. I need not only physical, but mental, and emotional break.

As much as I crave to read this crime book I bought 2 years ago, which I haven't read because I let my few dear friends to read it first, I shall not. I will only allow myself to read it every time I do my bathroom boo boo. I love to multi-task, especially during bathroom boo boos.

It's hard to resist this temptation to read, it's pretty boring here at home, stuck with my evil nemesis (my brother). I shall conquer this. Anyway, I sleep approximately 12 hours (interrupted) a day. I nap for like 3-4 hours in the afternoon, and that's a nap. ☺

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