Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Sayin'

I am such a pudding head as of the moment. Heathens! It's almost 3am. A ginormous abnormality is currently occurring in my system. I sleep at 5am, lately, and wake up at 1pm. Yesterday, I slept at around 6am. This is insane! I won't grow. Growth hormones works best from 10pm to 4am. How the hell can my growth hormones proliferate my growth with my being an evening person (or being a dusk-dawn person)?! Stressing so much on this fact makes it more difficult, so I shall embrace this way of life.

my bathroom buddy

I promised that I won't read a book this semestral break, except during bathroom boo boos. Yesterday, I did my bathroom boo boo and grabbed Maureen Jennings' EXCEPT THE DYING. It's an old book, bought it at a very low price, and I think it's worth a pay. It's one of those whodunits, that I amazingly fall in love with. Crime books turn me on. Oh yes, they do. ☺ Alright, enough perversions. I apologize to my brain, even after my bathroom boo boo, I still read the book. It was getting really interesting because Detective Murdoch was close to identifying the culprits. I was reading the book under the somehow translucent roof, dim-lighted, there was a brownout at that time. It was hard. I was punishing my eyes, but rewarding  my criminal mind. Anyway, I refrained from reading when the electricity was back. Reading is not bad, it's definitely good, I just have to rest my brain. I love you, my little brainy!

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