Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

My Earth Hour pin last 2009.

I'm proud to say that I have been participating in the Earth Hour for 4 years now. I started on 2009. It's supposed to be 5 years, but my sister and I got knowledge of it last 2008 just 2 days after the actual Earth Hour! Anyway, did you know that I especially made a separate blog for my Earth Hour rants? Check out gibberishblabber.blogspot.com. It also contains some of my adventures. Sadly, I have abandoned that blog and placed everything in this blog.

To celebrate my achievement, I shall chronicle my posts here. The following are my blog posts about my Earth Hour participation every year, since 2009.
This year's Earth Hour, I feel so alone. Insert Forever Alone meme here. I mostly spend Earth Hour with my sister. We love Earth Hour. See her Earth Hour items?
circa 2009 - OMG! We're so young!

Closer look.
circa 2009

Mama was with me during Earth Hour, but she was sleeping! It's the first Earth Hour where I did not go out of the house to check our neighbors' lights and the lights of the city across. I was bored! So I played with my phones and the camera. Then after a few seconds, I was laughing by myself. I even woke Mama up because of it. 
my playmates Kobe Bryant and G-Dragon, uhm, I mean, my phones

Looking forward to Earth Hour 2013! The world will not end on 2012, right?  Since we don't want the world to end on 2012, let's do something for Mother Nature. Earth Hour is a call to do ways to help the Earth. Here are 10 things you can do for the environment.


  1. That is great that you take the time to participate in this.

    1. Thank you, Paps. Participating in the Earth Hour really gives me so much good feeling. :)

  2. the halo halo really freshen up the day:)