Monday, March 28, 2011

My Earth Hour and my very own Earth Effort

This is supposed to be the 3rd year that I'm gonna be participating in the Earth Hour. Days, weeks, and even months before the Earth Hour, I already tweeted, blogged, posted in fb, and told our family my Earth Hour campaigns. I have a very firm stand about the Earth Hour, I even made my very own Earth Effort, to show that I go beyond the hour. My very own Earth Effort is to reduce my daily consumption of electricity by lessening my usage of computers. So far, I have been successful with this effort. Last Friday, I turned the desktop and laptop off, switched off all the lights in the house, except for one, and turned off all our appliances, except for the fridge. Good thing I was home alone, if others were in the house, they would not cooperate with me. To be more successful in my Earth Effort, so as not to be tempted to watch the TV to save me from boredom, I just slept the whole afternoon. It was a relaxation for me for the 1st day of my summer vacation, and a way to help the Earth. 

However, when Earth Hour finally came, I didn't switch off a single light. I feel like I am a hypocrite, but it's really not my fault. I was in Air's birthday party. She had her own way of participating in the Earth Hour, instead of switching off the lights, she asked (perhaps, compelled) some of her friends to drink flaming shooters. The thing that made me happy was that the lights in some parts of Air's crib were off. As what was visible to me, their   living room, her dad's office, the dance floor (though full of party lights), and the rest rooms, perhaps their rooms, also. I was not in our house! If only I was at home, I could've switched off all the lights in our house and all of our appliances, and I could've gone way beyond the hour. 

To punish myself, although this is not really a punishment for me, this is my happiness. I will allocate an hour or more to switch off  our lights, which I already did, but I will do, again. Yesterday afternoon, since it's already Monday, I switched off the lights in our living room, while watching the TV. The TV was the only source of light. I wish I could do more. I will do more.  

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