Monday, March 28, 2011

What We Wore

ROFL. Being a stalker of fashion bloggers encouraged me to do this. I have lookbook accounts, but my lookbook is just for hyping purposes, so I won't post looks in my lookbook, only some weird breeze will make me, but my nose haven't caught of such, yet. LMAO

On Mama: Cocoon jumpsuit, Officine bag, Chanel silver earrings, Filigrinasia silver bracelet and ring, From Dubai ring, Swiss Army watch, Parisian Shoes

On Me: Thrifted top and cardigan, Levi's jeans, Kashieca braided belt, Burberry bag, Random necklace and earrings, Avon watch, From US necklace worn as bracelet, Ttorine (Korea) booties

On Sissy Love: Thrifted top and cardigan, Random leggings, Chanel silver earrings, Random accessories, From Qatar black and white bangles, Forever 21 edgy black studded wedges

~This was not really the outfit I'm supposed to wear during sissy Ira's graduation, but I have exams on that day, so I need to go to school, and someone wearing that outfit will be blocked by the guards and ID will be confiscated, and I have no courage and confidence to wear that in school, and I have a very limited time to change outfits, and I'm lazy. HEE


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