Saturday, April 02, 2011

Summer Halt

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As the summer season is now making its hot and sunny sound, I shall covet myself to my yearly summer
sacrifice, and this too shall be in with my count of sacrifice for the remaining days of lent, besides giving up my nightly watching of the JKPOP segment in MTV. I shall cease, halt, and stop blogging, but only for summer. Aside from this being a lent sacrifice, this is also one of my Earth Efforts, as not blogging will reduce my consumption of electricity, and blah, you know the logic.

I know, I know... this is the only time where I can really get on with my blogging at a fast and unlimited pace, since I have nothing to be absolutely busy about - school, however, this is also the only time where I can interact literally and physically (in a non-sexual manner, of course) with the people around me LIVE! I shall also TRY to keep this summer busy with other stuff. This will be a different summer, as my life changed after those adversities. Boring will be out of the picture. Venture and adventure will replace it. So help us, God.

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