Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Last year, when the world shifted into darkness, when darkness did not indicate the presence of evil, when darkness was for the good, when darkness shone a light to the hearts of Earthly human beings, when darkness was obtained for one hour, darkness was for Earth Hour.

This year, the world was overwhelmed with darkness, again. Darkness is a good feeling during Earth Hour. Though only a few participated, darkness was happiness for those few. They were happy, because they were able to help Earth, because they took part of a wonderful event for our wonderful Earth.

I was one of those people who became happy with just one hour of darkness. Though, honestly, I abhor those who did not participate, I still get the good sense of being for turning off, not just lights, but all appliances in our house.

It's my second time to join Earth Hour, and I'm proud of it. Some may say that turning off lights for one hour only in one year is futile, but actually, it can make a big significance to our withering Earth. Besides, it's just one hour, only in one year. Do the math, people.

My name may be MARS, but I belong here on EARTH, and every year, I shall partake in EARTH HOUR.

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