Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She is Back

The state of life where I dally, dawdle, or daydream, in the blogging sense, so to speak.

My life has drastically changed from boring school days to heavily-equipped-school-projects-and-requirements school days. I do not mean that my school days are boring, because my school days are just as fun and exciting. Crushes, stomach butterflies, sparkling eyes, heart-melting smiles, never-ending chit chats, and earth-shaking laughters. You can never ever get them from any other environment than school. What I meant was about school projects. It was boring in the SCHOOL-related activities part, because the aforementioned exuberant scenes were not academic. Now, my school days have become unadulteratedly academic.

We were care-free students, who are easy-go-lucky, but heaven and earth collided. We were faced to stress-causing projects and pressure-filled requirements. Our teachers were heartless. The aura of apathy is surrounding our teachers. They just keep on instructing us what to do, not thinking about our capacity to do it. Of course, we can do all those, but the time given for us to accomplish the tasks were not feasible. They demand so much from us, forgetting that we have more subjects, not only one. We are not robots, and we have no multiple bodies to multi-task. You want clones? Oh, I wish I could have one!

Now, look at what my teachers have done! I have been latent in blogging since January. I have not even written about my 18th birthday! I blame this all to them. Who else could I blame? And I am not blaming the victim here, because we are the victims of their dictatorial regime.

This is basically my synthesis of my January-to-March activities. Quite short? Yeah, because it's a synthesis, but it's going to be long, longer than what you'll ever imagine.

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