Friday, April 02, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Had I not experienced it firsthand, I would not conclude that it is true. A series of unfortunate events actually happened to us. From October last year until God-knows-when, these events shook us. It was like a curse being casted upon us. Seems like we have to cut a rosary, because the chain of reaction doesn't stop.

I shall focus on smaller events, those stuff which are unworthy of sweat.
[Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff. Really? All small stuff? You're kidding me, Richard Carlson, right?]

As we have observed, it all started with our remote control. Since we have no remote control to use, we just used the control on the side of our TV. After several times of using it (more like abusing it), it's function was disrupted. Every time we push the + sign for channel, it turns off. On the other hand, when the - sign is pushed, the menu pops out. It still acts abnormally up until now, but we have practiced the method of lessening its abnormal function. After the remote control and TV's destruction, the door of our rest room broke down. That doesn't stop there. Our rice cooker doesn't cook anymore, it doesn't function.

We went to Hoffmann's branch at our place. Since we still have a one-year warranty, we asked for a remote control replacement. UNFORTUNATELY, they have a limited stock of it. To make the long story short, until now, we don't have a remote control, and we still suffer from the abnormal function of our TV. The door of our CR was repaired. For the rice cooker, we bought a new one.

Sounds harmonious, eh? UNFORTUNATELY, our newly-bought rice cooker is dysfunctional, again. It even went down at a very wrong timing, the day before Holy Thursday. GREAT! Establishments are closed during Holy Week. It means that we can't go to the mall, and use our one-year warranty for the rice cooker. Life is simply amazing! RIGHT?!

Those are just from the unfortunate house events, our unfortunate school events are unfathomable. My brother even said that if he were in our situation, he would give up. I am an optimist, so I did not give up, and I never will.

I know most people have experienced this or somehow similar to this. A specified time and date, in simpler terms, a deadline, was so close. You are encoding a very important document. You are going to save it. Suddenly, you're computer lags, and hangs, and you're document closes. You have not saved it yet. You cannot recover it. Only one hour is left before the deadline. What you were doing is absolutely long, and cannot be accomplished within one hour only. Suicide? You could jump off a bridge. Come, I'll lead you the way.

Hilarious, but on the actual moment, you could just die, you'd wish you were not born here on Earth.

I forgot to mention, our laptop is nerve-blasting f*cking slow. It lags and hangs and it's just the total worst laptop in the history of laptops. Our printer is also a dysfunctional whore sh*t. Am getting real cranky with these unfortunate events.

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