Thursday, April 08, 2010


Due to inevitable instances that hindered me from updating my blog on the day of my birthday, and on the days after, I was unable to narrate my legality day.

The day a beautiful (I shall praise myself at times) baby was born, January 31, 1992 at 1:30am, that was the day the Earth held Mars on its fortress.

Most debuts are celebrated with elegance, with great budget set aside just for the party, with grandeur, with moments that shall be worth reminiscing, with all the pleasure, with all attention for the débutante, and with everything that goes in between. I, as one of the people who sometimes reside in simplicity, chose to celebrate it in a low-profile type.

Our family is encountering numerous problems, since I love our family so much, I cannot afford to be happy with our state. It is not that we have financial problems, because I gained much money for my birthday celebration. I still even got some bills right now, enough to buy concert DVDs of GD's Shine a Light, and Big Bang's Big Show and Electric Love. Our problem is a FAMILY problem, which I impliedly posted last January. TRIVAL, there's no such word. Basically, that's the reason why I didn't have a typical debut.

Though I did not celebrate my debut with what was so much expected, I still treated my friends and family with some birthdays specials. My birthday celebration was unintentionally divided into 4 special parts. First was the birthday bash my fellow TOMBS gave me. It was such a nice surprise. I almost shed sparkling tears with that unexpected party poppers. It was followed by a dinner at Yellowcab, my treat! Second was a house party with my family and best butts. Third was a dinner at TGIF's with Mami Til, followed by a take-out purchase of Yellowcab pizza. Fourth was a lunch at Cheaverz.

A few captured moments. The pictures vomit FUN!

"The TOMBS' surprise"

"Dinner at Yellowcab"

"Best Butts Leslie and Meg"

"VIPs Chrisia and Bianca"

"Dinner at TGIFs with Mami Til, Sistahs Ira and Lovelie"

"Enjoying the pizza with Mama"

What a better way to spice up the excitement... Vice Ganda joined the party!

I might not have celebrated my birthday with fame and fortune, but I still turned 18, and I was, and still is, grateful for another life that God has given me. The greatest gift of turning 18 - Life. I know the real essence of turning 18; of happiness; of family. This life that God has given, is another life to continue to be a steward of God's creation; to continue existing on Earth, deciphering my purpose.

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