Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy BirthDAE

I was supposed to make this better post about Dae Sung on his actual birthday, though I was able to, it did not consist of his photos.

My apologies, Dae Sung happiness, but I was busy making you a Trending Topic on Twitter that day. We made you reach the 2nd spot, though. We actually aimed for 1st, happiness, but some disrespectful-bad-timer ELFs ruined that aim. Oh well, at least Kpop dominated the TT's on that day, and when you were out, your greatest Big Bang ruled thereafter.

Here's the screen shot of #happybirthDAE on 2nd place.

Here's a screen cap of Big Bang on the 4th place. I don't know if they made it to the top, I was already out. Before I got out, this was their place. Obvious Kpop domination! But Bieshiter thinks he belongs to the Kpop world, he's doing the I♥, too, sorry kid, you can't beat our Kpop stars.

Happy Birthday KANG DAE SUNG

Born on April 26, 1989. Now 21 years old, but 22 in Korea, still young in the hearts of the VIPs. You who brightens up our day, you, whose voice brings chills to our spines, you, your happiness, Dae Sung! I♥DaeSung. :P

~Do not mistake me with my use of term HAPPINESS for Dae Sung. If people call someone in higher ranks, YOUR HIGHNESS, well, that's similar with me calling Dae Sung, your Happiness. :D

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