Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Bangin' Dreams

I guess thousands of fangirls and VIPs alike dream about Big Bang, and most, if not all, would never desire to wake up just to be with Big Bang, even only in their dreams. I, as one of the fortunate ones, have dreamed of Big Bang, not just once, but thrice.

The first dream I had with Big Bang happened last year's summer. The scene was in a pier. I suddenly saw the complete Big Bang, five sexy, ovary-exploding guys. In my dream, I approached them and asked GD if he knew how to speak English. Hell, I know I was speaking Korean when I asked him that. GD affirmed, and... and my dream just hanged up on me.

The second dream was the dirtiest dream I had, yet the dream I would like to have every night of my life. I was with a fellow VIP, Chrisia, and we were in a room filled with GD's Heartbreaker posters. Yes, the posters were exciting enough, and an old lady, who I suppose, the owner of the room even told us to be careful, because GD is a GOD. Geez, GD a God? What? God of sexiness? It doesn't end there, what's more exciting is Tea Yang being physically with us. Jesus! He was half-naked and barefooted. He was lying on the bed, covering his lower body with a thin blanket. Chrisia and I, having our sexual hormones dormant for some time became aggressively active. We tried to rape him. We jumped over to YB and spread his legs wide open, showered him with our kisses, and just felt him. It was just nasty, but tasty, and... and the game was over.

The third dream happened just recently. In my dream, I just arrived at a house, and I think fellow VIP Xtine owned that crib. When I went to the second floor of the house, I saw CL. CL wore a wardrobe that I know she already wore in real life. Xtine told her that I was a huge fan of her. CL approached me and told me to forget everything about me, because from that day onwards, I will be CL, and she will be me. I was totally thrilled at what she had said to me. After that, I told them that GD, Tae Yang, and Dae Sung will be arriving. When I peeped at the window, I saw them riding a motorcycle, taking a park in front of the house. I jumped with excitement and immediately ran down to welcome them. I waved hello to YB and DS, but they didn't even notice me. They were running towards a little store, leaving me with an impression that they were ignorants. Their outfit was yet another outfit I saw them wear before in real life. Surprisingly, when I approached GD, his outfit changed. Weird! What was I suppose to expect, it was a dream, anyway. He was wearing an ordinary green shirt and a cap. When I was already standing in front of him, he exclaimed, "Wow! Green! I love green!". And I saw myself wearing a green shirt or waving a green handkerchief. I am unsure, dreams are just so dynamic. I didn't know what to respond to GD. I can't say I love green, too, for I hated Boston Celtics and I am not for G1BO, so I just gave him my sweetest, somehow fake smile. I was shocked when I noticed GD's eyebrows. It was hilarious. His eyebrows were obviously covered by thick concealer, well, only the upper half of it. I asked him why the hell he has that, and he answered that his eyebrows were accidentally shaved off. Mehn! What could go right in my dreams. Then, I heard my phone ringing, it was not my dream anymore, it was my dad calling. Argh! What a wrong timing!

When I woke up, I realized why GD had those eyebrows in my dream. The other day, we watched MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL, and in the movie, the guy's eyebrows were accidentally shaved off. Quite funny how dreams really get related to your awake life.

Hmm, so much for those Big Bangin' dreams, but their not really much. I long for more Big Bangin' dreams, make it dirty as it can be. *grins*

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